Tutor Survey, Summer + #random


Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Tutor Satisfaction Survey! Here are some of the high-level takeaways from your responses:

  • OVERALL: The majority of the tutor team is satisfied with Yup, feels motivated/valued, and feels respected in communication with Ops
  • FEATURES: Canned responses and the general interface were rated amongst the best tools, while content cards and the whiteboard were most often flagged for needing improvements
  • SCHEDULING: Most of the team is satisfied with scheduling policies; one common request was to increase the frequency of scheduling issue emails (a change which has already been implemented – see below!)
  • BONUSES: While the team generally understands the bonus system, we did receive helpful feedback regarding how bonuses could be more fairly administered/more reflective of performance
  • EVALUATION/QA: Thoughts on the QA system are similar to that of bonuses – largely understood, but with feelings that there may be better ways we could go about assessing performance or grading sessions
Breakdown of Survey Responses

Short Term Solutions:

  • Increased  frequency of scheduling issue emails to weekly
  • Addition of #random slack channel to strengthen community (see below!)
  • Revisiting eligible vs. ineligible sessions and how we grade them
  • Following-up on feedback from tutors more often via newsfeed/Slack/1:1
  • Revisit and communicate TQM role application process

Long Term Solutions:

  • Upcoming bonus analysis and revisit
  • Consideration on how to address multi-problem sessions
  • Reworking of evaluative process to be more fair, and more clearly communicated


As many of you know, Yup functions on a reduced schedule every summer to adapt to a decrease in traffic. This year, we will be implementing the reduced summer schedule starting Monday, June 10th.

If you have preferred hours to give up, please submit an “Update Availability” request via the Yup Scheduling Form by this Sunday, June 2nd. You will then receive a new, temporary schedule from us by June 5th.


Going through Tutor Survey responses, we saw multiple suggestions for a less formal Slack channel in which tutors can connect on a personal level. We are so excited for you all to use the new #random channel to get to know each other and put personalities to the names you often see. If you haven’t already done so, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background and what is important to you when you aren’t teaching math!

Launch #random Channel


Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

New Feature + General Reminders


Yup tutors have a lot to do in-session. Remembering which tools to utilize and when, using growth mindset language, and typing quickly – all while teaching math and adapting to students’ needs! This role requires a significant cognitive load, and with so many specifics to remember we know it isn’t easy to stay on top of everything.

In-Session Prompts are designed to encourage appropriate use of teaching tools and growth mindset language. The feature will prompt you when it’s appropriate to use these levers:

We hope this will increase student satisfaction and learning while making your job easier. As you notice the prompts this week, please tell us what you think in the #new-ideas Slack channel! We review comments regularly to inform future feature requests and changes.


  • Is your student using an unfamiliar or unusual solution method? Avoid discrediting the student or their teacher’s method, which could come off as rude or disrespectful.  Instead, ask for a snap of their notes or textbook to gain more insight into the method or check with #tutor-chat (or Google) for support!
  • Coverage Reminders: Both Riemann Sums and calculating volume with integrals fall within Yup’s concept coverage. Please take a moment to brush up on these concepts if you are not already familiar.


Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

Daylight Savings + Student Feedback Award


This Sunday, March 10th, 2019, the United States will be setting their clocks forward one hour at 2:00 AM PST in observance of Daylight Savings Time

If you reside in an area that does not observe daylight savings, please carefully read through the instructions listed below.  NOTE: This procedure has changed from recent years, veteran tutors!

  • Despite the time change at Yup HQ, do not change your normal weekly schedule in your local time zone if your country doesn’t observe Daylight Savings this Sunday.
  • However, it is important to note that we will be changing from Pacific Standard Time (PST) to Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). This means the timing of your weekly schedule will change by 1 hour when referring to your shifts:
    • For example, a 6PM – 9PM PST shift will become 7PM – 10PM PDT from the Yup HQ standpoint. (This is important for correctly referencing your shifts to Yup Ops/other tutors.)
  • IMPORTANT: If you reside in an area that observes Daylight Savings but on a different date, please respond to the email you received to let us know.

Please don’t hesitate to send questions our way via scheduling@yup.com!


Congratulations to Rachael Klatt for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who consistently receive outstanding written feedback from students while demonstrating excellent overall performance. Way to go Rachael!

Some of Rachael’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thank you so much for your help!! I completely understand this topic now, and your explanations were easy to understand! I hope to have you as a tutor again, thanks!!!”
  • “She is very patient and always explains it in a simpler way in order for me to understand better.”
  • “Thank you Ms. Klatt you are the best tutor I have received so far! You were very helpful, had clear explanations and were very patient!”

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

Tutor Dashboard Performance Tips + Tutor Bios


Image result for lightbulb flat png

A common concern we hear from tutors is that the Tutor Dashboard is slow, unstable or failing to perform as expected. Often these issues can be due to technical bugs which the Engineering team must investigate and resolve. Other issues however, may be related to your computer, operating system/browser settings, or internet connection.

The following is a list of guidelines that will ensure both tutors and students are having the best possible experience using the platform. As we work towards a more stable Tutor Dashboard, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines until further notice – this will increase the likelihood that any bugs being reported are an issue on our end rather than yours:

  • Avoid watching videos or using applications in full screen
    For many operating systems this will cause notifications to fail and sessions to be unknowingly passed 
  • Avoid streaming media or downloading large files
    Because these activities require more bandwidth and memory, they may reduce dashboard performance 
  • Disable Chrome’s ‘background timer throttling’ 
    This feature was introduced to prevent backgrounded tabs from using up system memory. For apps like Yup’s Tutor Dashboard, this setting has a negative impact on performance and may cause passed sessions. To disable the setting, copy and paste chrome://flags/#expensive-background-timer-throttling into your Chrome address bar and disable “Throttle expensive background timers” – as shown below:

  • Limit open tabs and applications during a shift
    Keep your Chrome tabs to a bare minimum during shifts to avoid using up memory. Running programs in the background along with Chrome may also have negative consequences for the Tutor Dashboard. We recommend  a computer with 4 GB of memory at the very least.
  • Ensure reliable internet connection (5- 10 mbps min.)
    See our latest post for more information: Practice Dashboard + Internet Connectivity



If you are newer to the Tutor Team and have not been asked to complete a Tutor Biography, please take a moment to do so:


Read more about Tutor Biographies in our post from last Autumn:
Tutor Biographies (2018/10/09)


Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

Achievements Feature Follow-Up

Achievement tallies as of 11/20 launch


Starting this week, canned responses will no longer be automatically included with Achievements. Instead, when sending an Achievement, we ask that you include a brief note sharing how the student earned the badge. We hope that this will make earning an achievement more personalized and less robotic for students. The details about each Achievement can be found in the Achievements panel of the Tutor Dashboard.


As many of you have noticed, every 10 minutes there is an automated in-session system notification reminding you to use an Achievement. Please note that this is simply a reminder – you do not necessarily need to send an Achievement immediately after receiving the  notification. Though there is not a set number of Achievements you should award in each session, a rough guideline would be to send appropriate Achievement every 10 minutes on average. We hope that using Achievements frequently will create a more engaging, positive learning environment, which in turn will make sessions feel more fun and fast-paced.


While you all have done an amazing job of utilizing more commonly earned achievements like All-Star Answer and Epic Effort, we do encourage you to use the other achievements whenever appropriate. Here are some examples for when you could utilize Great Grit, Super Sharing and Cool Curiosity:


  • Student has corrected their mistake
  • Student moves past a difficult step


  • Student shares a picture of their work
  • Student states the next step on their own


  • Student asks a good question
  • Student makes an observation about the problem/concept

If you have questions about when to use a specific Achievement, please refer to the original newsfeed post, check with your peers or a member of the Ops team on Slack, or reach out to tutor.support@yup.com.

Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup