Updates: Bugs, Positive Language & Science


As the Engineering team works towards making the newest version of the Tutor Dashboard bug-free, we want to extend a huge thank you for your patience and understanding during this process. A special thank you to everyone who has been following the Bug Reporting instructions to take screenshots of bugs with the Dev. Console and sending them our way!

Here are some tips for avoiding some common Whiteboard bugs:

  • Problem 1: The “Send” button is missing
    • Solution: The send button will appear as soon as you start using the whiteboard. To send an image without editing it, make an inconspicuous marking to activate the send button.
  • Problem 2: Whiteboard error message: “Error loading the image. Reason Failed to fetch”
    • Solution: The following instructions will allow you to use the whiteboard when you see the above message until we issue a fix:
  • Problem 3: The line tool is behaving erratically
    • Solution: After using the line tool to draw a line, right-click to commit the line to the board OR continue to draw connected lines.
  • NEW FEATURE TIP: Click on the triangle tool and enter a number “n” in the provided box to drag out a polygon with “n” sides. (Try it now in the Whiteboard Practice Link!)


Quick reminder for Standard 3.3: Please ensure you are always using encouraging language when interacting with students! We realize this may be a challenge when the student isn’t succeeding, but this is the most important time to praise the student’s efforts in order to keep them motivated.

Here are some phrases that are better than a simple “Not quite.”:

  • When the student gets something completely wrong:
    • “Good effort, Mike, but not quite! Let’s take a look at this step together.”
    • “Nice try, but not quite! Don’t worry, we will get there in no time 🙂 ”
  • When the student is wrong, but not far off:
    • “I see where you are going with this! Let’s talk about this step a bit more.”
    • “Very close, Mike 🙂 Let’s build off that idea!”
    • “Nice effort! Let’s make a few minor fixes here.”

See the Yup Teaching Standards  or the Tutoring Template slides on Standard 3.3 for more tips!


As some of you may be aware, in July we made the decision to stop offering assistance with Chemistry and Physics subjects. This change will allow us to focus all our energy on offering top-notch math homework help, which the overwhelming majority of users are coming to us for. We hope to bring back these subjects in future, however we do not currently have a concrete plan to do so.

Let us know what questions you have!

— Team Yup

Gave Answer Update + Dispute Survey

Image result for new icon flat

Thank you all for being a part of our Gave Answer Tag Experiment and giving us great feedback!

Based on the results, we want to flag three updates to the Gave Answer Tag that aim to improve both the tutor and student experience:

New Gave Answer Scoring as of Monday, August 6:

  • The Gave Answer tag will no longer result in a score of 0
  • Instead, tutors will receive a “No” for standards 1.2 and 3.1

Infographic: Updated Guidelines for Pushing Information

Examples: Gave Answer Case Examples

  • Scenario #1
    The student is willing to participate, but discouraged by how long it’s taking for them to solve
  • Scenario #2
    The student has demonstrated the ability to complete a certain step earlier in the session
  • Scenario #3
    The student is checking answers that were reached before the session

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the Gave Answer Tag by reaching out to tutor.support@yup.com.


What are your thoughts on the recent dispute policy change? Fill out this brief survey to let us know!

Dispute Policy Survey

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

Dispute Policy Updates

New Policies for Submitting Disputes

Related image

Starting this month, we will be enforcing changes to the Session Dispute policy that will hopefully help the Ops Team manage what is a large volume of incoming dispute requests received on a weekly basis.

While we do understand the importance of the Dispute channel, we want to make sure it is only being used when absolutely necessary:


  1. Tutors can submit a maximum of 3 disputes per month
  2. For disputes related to rubric standards:
      • Sessions that earned a score of 8 or higher cannot be disputed
      • Tag disputes are limited to key tags (Gave Answer, Wrong Answer, Content Knowledge)

It is our hope that these changes will help curtail the number of disputes being regularly filed. That being said, if you ever have concerns about a session, the dispute process, or about any other Tutor Operations matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at tutor.support@yup.com. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

American Forth of July Holiday

If anyone (American or otherwise!) is hoping to take time off on Wednesday, July 4th please email scheduling@yup.com or use the Scheduling form so we can adjust your schedule accordingly (48-hour notice not necessary.)

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

Upcoming Gave Answer Experiment

Ops Experiment with GAVE ANSWER Policy

Image result for icon flat experimentAs part of our efforts to incorporate more tutor feedback into our evolution as a company, we will be conducting a test with the Gave Answer tag. Next week, we’ll begin a two-week experiment that will help us understand how this tag affects teaching and student experience.

For sessions created between Monday, 7/2 @ 12AM PDT through Monday, 7/16 @ 12AM PDT, earning the Gave Answer tag will not result in any QA penalties.

During this two-week period, even though Tutor Quality Managers will still apply the Gave Answer tag as usual, instances of this tag will not count toward any weekly Tutor Fault Tag limits, nor will the tag result in a Rubric Score of 0.

We encourage you to use this time period to experiment with your teaching habits, free from the worry of receiving a Gave Answer tag when you push information to struggling students.

That being said, although there are no Gave Answer Tag penalties during this period, we trust that you will continue to exercise good judgement in providing students with support and continue to teach with our rubric and values in mind.

If you have any questions about this change or the timeline for it, feel free to email tutor.support@yup.com.

— Team Yup

New Login Method + QA 3.0 Adjustments


If you are facing issues with the new login method, please refresh the page to bring up the old login method and sign in using your username or Facebook details. If both of these methods are not working, please email us at tutor.support@yup.com so we can assist you.

If you were unable to start a shift on time this week due to the login method change, rest assured that this will not be held against you.

QA 3.0 ADJUSTMENTSRelated image

This Spring, we made major changes to our QA System and key tag definitions. Since then, we’ve identified a few more tweaks that will make our system more fair and accurate:

1. Tutor Fault Tags earned during new user sessions will no longer be weighed heavier. As always, treat new users with warmth and enthusiasm!

2. The 4-week limit for the absolute number of Tutor Fault Tags will be lowered to 15. The relative limit will remain at 25%.

3. The 4-week limit for key tags will be lowered to 15%, and the absolute limit for each will be lowered to 10. We expect that very few tutors will exceed these amounts. Our interpretation of the Gave Answer tag is likely to change in the coming month due to new initiatives aimed at improving teaching pace.

4. Tutors will be placed under review if their Composite QA Score falls below 8.0 during their first 4 weeks, 8.5 after their first 4 weeks, or below 9.25 for Tutor Quality Managers.

5. The bonus for earning zero Tutor Fault Tags will be based on the calendar month rather than on 4-week periods, and the minimum will be raised from 10 to 20 eligible sessions. To make up for the lower frequency and higher bar of eligible sessions, the amount will increase to $100.

These changes will take effect on Monday, June 18th. We will not enforce the new rules for sessions that happened before Monday, June 18th, meaning you can not be placed under review due to these policies until July 16th.

Let us know what questions you have!

— Team Yup