New Login Method + QA 3.0 Adjustments


If you are facing issues with the new login method, please refresh the page to bring up the old login method and sign in using your username or Facebook details. If both of these methods are not working, please email us at so we can assist you.

If you were unable to start a shift on time this week due to the login method change, rest assured that this will not be held against you.

QA 3.0 ADJUSTMENTSRelated image

This Spring, we made major changes to our QA System and key tag definitions. Since then, we’ve identified a few more tweaks that will make our system more fair and accurate:

1. Tutor Fault Tags earned during new user sessions will no longer be weighed heavier. As always, treat new users with warmth and enthusiasm!

2. The 4-week limit for the absolute number of Tutor Fault Tags will be lowered to 15. The relative limit will remain at 25%.

3. The 4-week limit for key tags will be lowered to 15%, and the absolute limit for each will be lowered to 10. We expect that very few tutors will exceed these amounts. Our interpretation of the Gave Answer tag is likely to change in the coming month due to new initiatives aimed at improving teaching pace.

4. Tutors will be placed under review if their Composite QA Score falls below 8.0 during their first 4 weeks, 8.5 after their first 4 weeks, or below 9.25 for Tutor Quality Managers.

5. The bonus for earning zero Tutor Fault Tags will be based on the calendar month rather than on 4-week periods, and the minimum will be raised from 10 to 20 eligible sessions. To make up for the lower frequency and higher bar of eligible sessions, the amount will increase to $100.

These changes will take effect on Monday, June 18th. We will not enforce the new rules for sessions that happened before Monday, June 18th, meaning you can not be placed under review due to these policies until July 16th.

Let us know what questions you have!

— Team Yup

New Overtime Policy + CotW #4

Overtime Policy UPDATE (as of 5/14)

Starting Monday 5/14, we will be putting new policies into effect to address a point of frustration for users and tutors alike: tutors’ shifts ending during a session. The following policies aim to reduce the frequency of this situation occurring:

#1. Don’t claim a session you can’t take
Don’t claim a session in the final minutes of your shift if you know you can’t work overtime. (“Welcome! Sorry can you submit a new request? My shift is ending now.”) This may decrease the student’s wait time temporarily, but they will be frustrated in the long run when they have to resubmit the problem.

#2. Earn more for working overtime
Tutors who work past the end of their shift by 5 or more minutes will earn time-and-a-half (1.5 times your hourly rate) for overtime minutes
. This rate will only apply to sessions that were claimed within the timeframe of your shift.

#3. Anticipate the need to extend your shift
Please avoid taking a shift if you know you will need to leave directly at the end.
Ideally, you should be free up to 30 mins after a given shift in case of a longer session. This applies to shift takeovers, shift additions (from Available Shifts sheet), and your Normal Weekly Schedule.


Congratulations to Comment of the Week winner, Sekhar Reddy! For this session, 4 out of 5 positive feedback tags were applied by the student, who left the following comment:

“Thank you so much for your help. I feel better on this topic and I really appreciate it!”

Please read through the session and annotations to see why this session helped the student feel better about finding the vertex.

Comment of the Week #4      

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QA 3.0 Tag Changes + Building Warmth Examples

Upcoming Tag Changes

Earlier this month, we announced a number of improvements to our Quality Assurance System that have changed how your performance is assessed and how you are rewarded for high-quality performance. Another aspect of QA 3.0 that has not yet gone into effect will change how certain tags are applied.

Starting next Monday, April 30th, TQMs will be grading sessions according to the following updated tag definitions for Gave Answer and Wrong Answer. We will also be introducing a new tag – Wrong Format:


  • 🚫 Old Definition:
    Tutor directly gives the answer to the student OR fails to involve the student in fundamental steps.
  • ✨ New Definition (starting 4/30)
    Tutor carries out a full step OR confirms a final answer without any participation from student.


  • 🚫 Old Definition:
    Student leaves the session with an incorrect solution to their problem.
  • ✨ New Definition (starting 4/30)
    Student leaves the session with an incorrect solution to their problem due to a major incorrect step, calculation, concept, or method.


  • ✨ Definition (starting 4/30)
    Final answer contained minor issues with notation, units, rounding, or format.
  • ✨ Wrong Format Transition:
    • Starting Monday, April 30th TQMs will tag these sessions as “Other (tutor)” and share their rationale in the comments.
    • In mid-May, “Wrong Format” tag will become available.

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Building Warmth Annotatations

Based on the Tips for Building Warmth post survey results, an overwhelming majority of you expressed interest in seeing concrete examples of Helen’s tips for building warmth. Helen has created the following annotations from her own real Yup sessions to exemplify these tips:

Tips for Building Warmth – Annotated Snippets


Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

Comment of the Week + Overtime Update

Update to Overtime Policy

Starting this week, any instance of overtime that takes you 5 minutes or more past the end of your shift is eligible for compensation. Simply use the Scheduling Matters Form to let us know the date and relevant Session Number, and we’ll see that you are compensated for you time. As a reminder, the previous policy was a 10 minute minimum.

Introducing: Comment of the Week

If you have been with us awhile, you may remember our Session of the Week newsfeed feature which highlighted outstanding sessions. Starting this month, we will be introducing a similar initiative – Comment of the Week, which will showcase sessions that were not only outstanding, but received outstanding student feedback. Comment of the Week will explore what makes a tutor awesome from our students’ perspective. 

There are a few ways this new feature is different from Session of the Week. With Comment of the Week, we will be taking excerpts from the session that best exemplify the positive feedback left by the student rather than looking at the session in its entirety. This allows us to highlight only the most relevant parts of the session for you to review. As you may have noticed in our QA 3.0 updates, this honor also comes with a $50 bonus (versus SotW’s $25 award).

We are starting off our new initiative with a bang. This is the session that helped make Comment of the Week a reality. Congratulations to Comment of the Week winner Sejal Kothari for a session in which every positive feedback tag was applied  by the student. The student’s written comment reads:

” Thanks for your help:) YOU ARE AN AMAZING TUTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

 Please read through the session and annotations to see why this session warranted so many exclamation points, as well as how it exemplifies each student feedback tag that it received!

Comment of the Week #1

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QA 3.0 Introduction

Introducing Quality Assurance System 3.0

After many hours of gathering tutor feedback, planning new policies, and tweaking our performance monitoring systems, we’re excited to introduce a number of significant changes to our Quality Assurance framework that will be taking effect today, April 2nd.

These changes do not affect our guidelines for conducting sessions, but rather will allow us to be fairer and more effective in holding tutors accountable for following those guidelines.

As of today, all relevant Tutor Documents from our Master Resource List have been updated to reflect the new policies. Check out the slideshow below to learn more about these changes!

[Open slideshow in new tab]

For your reference, here is the latest Yup Policy Breakdown,  now aligned with QA 3.0:

As mentioned in the QA 3.0 Changes slideshow above, we will be holding a Webinar on Thursday, April 19th to discuss any questions you may have about the new system. If you have any urgent or time-sensitive concerns about it, please email

— Team Yup

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