Inactive Student Bug + Holiday Schedules


As many of you may have noticed, we have recently seen an increase in sessions affected by a bug which triggers the inactive student auto-end feature, even when the student is active in the session.

In order to address this issue, we have removed the trigger altogether – this means it will be up to tutors to end sessions in which the student stops responding. Here are the two situations for which you would need to manually end the session:

  • The student does not send a message to the chatroom within 2 minutes of the session beginning
  • The student does not respond to a question for 5 minutes and is unresponsive when checked on

We have added new Canned Responses to the Session Ending category to accomodate to the above situations. Please be sure to send the appropriate Canned Response before ending the session.


As the end of the year grows near, preparations have begun for the upcoming holiday break during which schools will be closed and traffic will be greatly reduced.
  • If you are hoping to take time off in the coming weeks, please fill out the Scheduling Form using the “Time off Request” option as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly.
  • Note that even if you do not request time off, you will likely see a temporary reduction in your weekly hours to adapt to the expected decline in traffic. If there are certain shifts you would prefer to give up, please use the Time off option in the Scheduling Form to let us know.
  • We will be in touch in the coming week to share your temporary holiday schedule, which will likely go into effect for the period of 12/24 – 1/6.


Have a great weekend, tutors!

— Team Yup

Achievements Feature Follow-Up

Achievement tallies as of 11/20 launch


Starting this week, canned responses will no longer be automatically included with Achievements. Instead, when sending an Achievement, we ask that you include a brief note sharing how the student earned the badge. We hope that this will make earning an achievement more personalized and less robotic for students. The details about each Achievement can be found in the Achievements panel of the Tutor Dashboard.


As many of you have noticed, every 10 minutes there is an automated in-session system notification reminding you to use an Achievement. Please note that this is simply a reminder – you do not necessarily need to send an Achievement immediately after receiving the  notification. Though there is not a set number of Achievements you should award in each session, a rough guideline would be to send appropriate Achievement every 10 minutes on average. We hope that using Achievements frequently will create a more engaging, positive learning environment, which in turn will make sessions feel more fun and fast-paced.


While you all have done an amazing job of utilizing more commonly earned achievements like All-Star Answer and Epic Effort, we do encourage you to use the other achievements whenever appropriate. Here are some examples for when you could utilize Great Grit, Super Sharing and Cool Curiosity:


  • Student has corrected their mistake
  • Student moves past a difficult step


  • Student shares a picture of their work
  • Student states the next step on their own


  • Student asks a good question
  • Student makes an observation about the problem/concept

If you have questions about when to use a specific Achievement, please refer to the original newsfeed post, check with your peers or a member of the Ops team on Slack, or reach out to

Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

Features Survey + Outstanding Feedback


Recently, we released two significant features that enhance they way tutors interact with students in-session. The following survey will give you the chance to share your thoughts and feedback on both the new Achievements feature, which was released last week, and the Concept Cards whiteboard enhancement which was released earlier this month.

Now that you all have had the chance to try these features out, we would love to hear your thoughts based on your first-hand experiences with the features. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will be shared with the product and engineering teams to make sure we are improving and evolving these features as needed!


Congratulations to Kathleen Kasper for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Kathleen’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “You helped me so much today, and I’m beyond grateful for it. I came in not knowing any concepts, and now I know so many… Your humor, teaching style, and elaborations are some things I definitely enjoyed in our session. Thanks again for all your time and guidance :)”
  • “Thank you for helping me with this problem you helped me realize that the big problems aren’t always as hard as they seem Thanks!”
  • “I liked how fast the tutoring went by. I would love it if I were paired with you again.”
  • “Thank you for helping me with this problem you helped me realize that the big problems aren’t always as hard as they seem Thanks!”

Way to go

Have a great weekend, tutors!

— Team Yup

New Features: Badges + Concept Card Library


In the coming days, we will be rolling out a new dashboard feature that will expand on our current “Star” badges. These fun new Student Achievement badges will be located in the same portion of the Tutor Dashboard as the canned responses and can be accessed by clicking the trophy icon (see below.)

Students will be able to earn badges by exhibiting certain positive behaviors – for example, asking an inquisitive question can earn the ‘Cool Curiosity’ badge. While the goal is to praise and reinforce ideal student behavior, our hope is that they will also make sessions more engaging and fun.

We encourage you to use Achievements frequently, however it’s also important to use them methodically. Avoid sending badges when the pace of the session could be disrupted or when the student needs support more than praise.

Below you will find a list of each badge along with the matching icon, and guidelines for awarding the badges.


Last week we introduced Concept Cards, a game-changing addition to our whiteboard gallery. Since the release, we have introduced a resource that we hope will make using these Concept Cards more effective. Check out the ‘Concept Cards‘ button at the top of the newsfeed window for a complete, searchable gallery of all the available Concept Cards to help tutors familiarize themselves with dozens of cards available in the whiteboard gallery.

Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

New Whiteboard Feature: Concept Cards


Today (Wednesday, Nov. 7th), we will be adding new resources to the image library that we hope will take using the whiteboard to the next level! The engineering team will be expanding the image bank to include Concept Cards covering dozens of  concepts from the FOIL Method to the Quotient Rule.

These explanation cards can be used just as you would a normal image from the whiteboard library – use the search function to find the relevant card, click (no need to drag!) to add it to the whiteboard, then drag to resize. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of this feature:

  • Be mindful of the appropriateness of the image for the student you are working with. For example, if a student is lost or frustrated, sending a lot of new information at once would not be the best way to adapt to the student’s situation
  • Depending on the student’s level, it may be necessary to talk the student through the information on the card or annotate the card itself to help facilitate their understanding
  • Check with the student after sending to make sure the concept card makes sense to them, or to see if they have any questions about the information you shared

    Click to Expand Concept Card

    Click to Expand Concept Card


If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to complete the November Tutor Satisfaction Survey! This month’s survey is focusing on bugs, so your feedback will be very helpful for helping us diagnose some of the Tutor Dashboard issues we’ve been seeing.

> > November Tutor Satisfaction Survey < <

Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup