Quick Tutoring Reminders!

A big thanks to everyone for ensuring the Tutor Growth Pathway refresh process was smooth and efficient. We hope that everyone is excited for the upcoming winter holidays and then the next semester!

1.1 Reminder

We want to encourage tutors to use student’s presession responses to help with probing questions. For example, if the student indicates that they have started the problem, but you don’t see any work, you can ask, “I see you’ve started this problem already! Can I see the work you’ve done on it please?

Similarly, if the student has not started the problem but has done similar problems, you can ask, “I see you’ve done similar problems before. What was your first step in those?” 

Or when the student has neither started the problem nor done similar problems, you can ask something specific to the problem, like if the student is familiar with a particular concept.

Refresh Process Survey Reminder

Thank you to the 18 tutors who have participated already! For those of you have not had a chance to, please fill out the survey by the end of next week; answers will inform any necessary changes for the next refresh process.

Thank you for your great work and please send any questions to tutor.support@yup.com!

October Payroll and October Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

October Student Feedback Award

Congratulations to Ricky Liu Chen for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Ricky’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thanks for helping me understand that problem, I’ve been stuck on it for a while. So thanks so much for helping me!”
  • “Thank Mr. Chen for your help. It was a lot of fun”
  • “He was very nice and great to work with he was very polite. I would love to work with him once more :)”
  • “He really helped me understand the material and I feel so much more confident”
  • “thank you so much for your help today, as many of the steps I needed help with were simple to understand. my application of certain ideas wasn’t clear, and you helped me make it more understandable. thanks again :)”

Way to go Ricky

October Payroll and Tutor Growth Pathway (TGP) Refresh Reminder

A quick reminder that the end of the month of October yesterday also marked the end of our first Tutor Growth Pathway refresh cycle! A few quick reminders:

  • October payroll will be sent out on Tuesday, November 5th per standard Yup policy
  • Submit any disputes by end of day on Sunday, November 3rd
  • TGP refresh process will begin on Monday, November 4th
  • Review last week’s Newsfeed Post for more details on the refresh process

Thank you for your great work and please send any questions to tutor.support@yup.com!

Tutor Growth Pathway (TGP) Refresh Plan

TGP Performance

Hi everyone! Congratulations on a fantastic first cycle. We’re happy to announce that during the month of October you all achieved the highest average scores in the history of Yup!

  • 9.49 Composite Score
  • 92% “Thumbs Up” Student Ratings
  • 95% Claim Rate
  • 98% Attendance

TGP Updates

A few minor updates to TGP to help things go a bit smoother: 

  • Per tutor feedback, cycles will now end and start on the month. In accordance, this cycle now ends October 31. This ensures levels align with monthly payroll. 
  • There will be five set refresh dates each year: October 31, January 31, March 31, May 31, and August 31
  • We are implementing a “fast track” plan for new tutors. Tutors who have conducted >50 sessions at the end of a refresh will be eligible for the “fast track” based on individual analysis by the Yup Operations Team

Level Refresh Process

Please see below for the Level refresh process for the upcoming cycle end on October 31.

  • 11/3: all session disputes are due by 11:59 PM PDT Sunday
  • 11/4: all disputes will be responded to and new levels communicated via email (alternatively, check tutor workbooks for up-to-date metrics)
  • 11/4-5: any tutors moving down levels will have 24 hours to remove hours as needed; your email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 11/5-6: New tutors moving to Level 2 and all Level 4 tutors will have the chance to add hours; your email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 11/6-7: Other tutors moving up to Level 2 and all Level 3 tutors will have the chance to add hours; your email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 11/7 evening: Upcoming schedules to be confirmed with all tutors via email
  • 11/8: Typical 10 AM PT release for week of 11/11 will reflect new schedules

Please note that your new level will apply for payment starting November 1, even though we will not have the new schedule ready until 11/11 due to constraints in the refresh process. You will still receive October payroll on November 5th! 

Please reach out to scheduling@yup.com with any questions or concerns. 

New Workbooks & Poor Communications Tag Update; DST Info

New Workbook Launch
We’re excited to announce the launch of the latest version of our Tutor Workbooks! A few exciting things you’ll find in your new workbook:

  • Workbooks now show all TGP metrics & your standing for both the last cycle and this cycle
  • We’ve included an hourly rate calculator based on your TGP metrics
  • Hyperlinks to information sources are included for any terms or calculations

Poor Communications Policy Update
We have instructed TQMs to start assigning poor comms / grammar tags more strictly to be in line with our current policy. This decision is a result of analyses showing that better grammar and communication practices correlate with higher student ratings and more successful session outcomes. We encourage tutors to be thoughtful about this, while still ensuring timely responses. 

We do not intend for this tag to be punitive, but rather to remind tutors to do their best to communicate most effectively. At the start of the next refresh period, we may implement a new policy that ties the Poor Communication tag to Rubric Score. We will have more information on this potential policy consideration at that time.

Daylight Savings Time
As a heads up for everyone, we’re happy to announce that the Yup Operations team will auto-adjust schedules to reflect the upcoming US DST shift. To accomplish this, we will reach out to confirm what DST zone you are in and then change your scheduled hours accordingly.

  • Europe: 10/27
  • North America: 11/3
  • Other: No DST

These changes will occur outside of any hours changes as a result of the TGP refresh period. We will be making an announcement on the TGP refresh process next week. 

A Big Thank You to Kelsea and Humanity Feedback

Kelsea Rathbun is moving to the Yup Growth team!
After several years on the Tutor Operations Team, Kelsea has been offered an exciting opportunity to support Yup’s Growth Team as a data analyst. While she will still be supporting Tutor Ops’s data needs, she will no longer act as a tutor liaison; please direct any questions or communications to tutor.support@yup.com.

Humanity Feedback
Thank you for all your responses to the Tutor Survey! We’re happy to announce that Humanity has been quite well received. Some of the top themes included an overall reduction of time spent determining schedules, increased simplicity in transferring shifts, and excitement about mobile access to scheduling. A detailed breakdown can be found here.

However, we do recognize there are opportunities to improve:

We agree there are better ways to track OT and breaks using Humanity’s time clock; when our engineering team has more bandwidth, we’ll explore fixes!

  • For now, we ask tutors to continue to use the OT form and clock in/out via the tutor dashboard
  • To minimize issues, please try to do everything in a timely manner – for instance, submit OT right after it occurs and clock out on time

Humanity bugs, such as expired shift releases and difficulty releasing shifts, are frustrating – for you and for us!

  • We’ll continue to work with Humanity; we hope our more tenured tutors agree this is a step forward from our old system, and it will only get better!


Additionally, we want to take the time to highlight and respond to some common feedback that we recognize is important, but may not be able to address in the near future:

Questions regarding shifts being scheduled in 1 hour increments

  • We use 1 hour shifts because Humanity does not support partial shift release (e.g., release only 1 hour of a 1-6pm shift)
  • If Humanity adds this feature, we will make the corresponding change

Requests to publish schedule >1 week in advance

  • We plan to continue with weekly schedule release: we expect frequent schedule changes based on demand, new tutors, hours changes, and more
  • However, tutors should expect their own schedules to remain steady through refresh cycles; feel free to submit leave requests in advance accordingly

Concerns regarding the current Friday 10am PT shift release procedure

  • We recognize this system is not perfect for a number of reasons, but it is the most feasible on our end at this point in time
  • We intend to release shifts at this specific time weekly, and Henry will be in continuous contact until the actual release if we are unable to do so
  • We have limited shifts and a lot of highly qualified tutors – the best way to guarantee more hours is to move up in the TGP system



As always, please reach out to tutor.support@yup.com with any recommendations, suggestions, questions, or concerns. Happy Tutoring!