COVID Updates, Policy Updates, TGP Refresh

Hi Yup Tutors. We hope you’re all doing well in these tumultuous times.

COVID-19 Update

There are still fewer sessions than normal. While Monday-Friday volume remains high for most hours, Saturday and Sunday volume has dropped considerably. 

In light of the new circumstances, we will unfortunately need to remove some scheduled hours. The overall impact should be minimal. Henry will reach out to tutors directly with any schedule changes. We will work to ensure tutors are not disproportionately impacted by changes. 

Policy Updates

The impact of COVID-19 sparked a need to review our financial situation. Accordingly, we’ve determined two major policy changes that will take effect starting with April 2020 payroll and continuing indefinitely

OT and ERT reduced to 1.25x hourly rate: We will maintain our current policy that tutors must be available for 30 minutes after shift end. If you are able to continue the OT session, you should still ask the student if they have more questions. 

Breaks will now be unpaid: Taking a break remains at the tutor’s discretion. As a reminder, the post-session page is not intended as a break. We will continue to enforce our policy of taking <2 minutes on this page.

We want to assure you that considerable thought has been given to these policy changes and decisions were not made lightly. In order for Yup to succeed, we understand that our tutors need to be motivated and compensated. We also need to ensure our product is positioned competitively in the marketplace.

We anticipate you may have questions about these policy changes. Kreg and Henry will host a thread in the #announcements Tutor Slack channel. 

TGP Refresh Update

Key dates for Q1 TGP cycle refresh:

  • April 2: session disputes due by end of day
  • April 6: final metrics and cycle levels confirmed via email 
    • Tutors moving down levels must remove hours as needed
    • March payroll goes out per standard policy
  • April 7: new level 2 tutors and all level 4 tutors may add hours
  • April 8: returning level 2 tutors and level 3 tutors may add hours
  • April 9: new schedules confirmed for upcoming shift releases

COVID-19 Update – 3/19/20

Hi Yup Tutors!

First, we want to say that your mental health and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us.

It’s completely understandable to feel anxious, frustrated, or out of sorts. It’s common right now to desire clarity and control. This is OK – all of this is normal and human. We’re here to answer any questions and support you in these times. We’ll provide updates as frequently and openly as possible. Also, a quick reassurance that payroll for March is not in question.

In regards to session volume: We’re currently seeing ~75% of our peak 2020 volume. This is roughly equivalent to our volume in Fall 2019. The good news is that we’re continuing to see new plan purchases. We’re hopeful that a move to e-learning means our service will be increasingly valuable. We’ll continue to monitor for any changes.

In regards to scheduling: We’ll be continuously shifting scheduling ideals to account for new levels of session volume. What does this mean for you?

  • For now, scheduled hours will not be cut. Henry will reach out to ask about switching hours, as some hours will be more overstaffed than others.
  • There will be fewer available shifts – we are sorry about this.
  • Our previous policy of increasing TGP hours will end. Henry will be reducing increased hours back to normal level.
  • The current plan is to continue with the upcoming TGP cycle refresh on March 31. To be confirmed.

As always, please reach out to with any questions. We’re here for you.

General ‘Yupdates’

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a good week tutoring. As you’ve probably noticed, Yup has seen a significant uptick in session volume over the past weeks. This is good – we’re growing! We’ll be implementing a few strategies to keep up with session volume.

New Tutors

We’ll be welcoming a number of new tutors on the platform in the coming week or two (and already have done so!) Please say hi!

Temporary Increase In TGP Hours Cap

As our tutor demand catches up with shift supply, we’re happy to offer additional hours to tutors who would like to claim above their TGP hours cap. Please reach out to with any requests, which will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Note that we will not be adding scheduled hours above TGP cap, only allowing for additional claimed shifts.

Splitting Upper/Lower Scheduling

A while back, we introduced the concept of “upper math” and “lower math” to the subject exams. We’ve held off on implementing the split in terms of scheduling “upper” and “lower” shifts in Humanity due to other strategic priorities. However, as we bring on single subject tutors, we’re excited to announce that we’ll begin to staff “upper” and “lower” shifts in the coming couple of weeks!

What does this mean for existing schedules?

Nothing should change for you in terms of your scheduled hours! 

What changes for dual tutors in terms of session expectations?

Nothing! You may be assigned a “lower” or “upper” shift in Humanity, but during those shifts you may still receive any type of session. You can also release and claim either “lower” or upper” shifts.

A Big Thanks

We wanted to end this with a big thank you to all our tutors! It’s been incredible to see that – despite any difficulties coming from working with all of our new students – tutor composite scores and student ratings have remained at our highest levels ever.

A special shoutout to all the tutors who have completed sessions >3 hours long. There have been >50 since the start of 2020!

As always: happy tutoring, thanks for being part of Yup, and reach out to with any questions!

Daylight Savings & February Student Feedback!

Daylight Savings Time

The USA will move to PDT on March 8. As per our typical policy, Yup will handle schedule adjustments such that tutors can expect to work the same hours in their time zones

On the day of the switch, we expect Humanity may have some issues adjusting. Please continue to work your expected scheduled hours, and we will deal with any scheduling issues the following week on a case-by-case basis.

If you find that your hours post-March 8 have been uploaded incorrectly, please reach out to and we’ll handle the situation! 

We may request some tutors slightly modify their schedules to fit scheduling needs as a result of moving to PDT. We’ll reach out individually if this is the case. 

Our February Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

Congratulations to Laxmi Sharma for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Laxmi’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thank you for helping me work Through my mistakes and really understand my work!”
  • “She helped me on a very long question on which I was very confused! She was super!”
  • “Thank you! She was amazing, kind, positive, and honest when I got one wrong!”
  • “Thank you soo much you are motivating me to do the rest of the questions”
  • “She was amazing, asked questions, made sure I was doing good. Gave feedback on how I was doing, and gave compliments.”

Way to go Laxmi!

New Policy & Student View of Tutoring

Student View

Many tutors have mentioned they’d like to know what students see when they have a session. Our Growth team put a mock session together and we ended up with these videos. Below each video is a description of the feature each is showing. Enjoy!

5 Minute Inactivity

We noticed that students are ‘timing out’ due to 5 minutes of inactivity in >5% of sessions. Sometimes students have truly gone inactive; other times, students who stopped responding reach out to us saying that they needed more time to work. This inactivity is clearly frustrating for both students and tutors alike! 

While we’re already working on student feedback channels for tutors, we also want to ensure students have a chance to rejoin a session before being deemed inactive. The new check-in system starts on Monday, February 24 and works as follows:

  • 2 total minutes of student inactivity: quick check in
  • 4 total minutes of student inactivity (cumulative, 2 minutes after prior message): check in with small level of urgency
  • 6 total minutes of student inactivity: warning that session might end
  • 7 total minutes: end of session using typical canned response

Please try to be thoughtful about sending these messages. For instance, if you’ve sent multiple 2 minute warnings in a row, consider revising the message. If you know the student is working on a problem, you may choose to delay checking in. Additionally, if the student has indicated that they do not need any more help, there is no need to send this cadence of messages – simply end the session after 1 minute if the student has not already.

Below are the new canned responses for each type of message, found under the Session/Shift Ending tab. Please note that the first message in each group is more pertinent for students who should be responding to a quick question, while the second message is more applicable to students who are working on their problems. 

2 minutes:

Hi [student name], just checking that you’re still here!

Hi [student name]! Nice job working on this problem; please let me know if you get stuck!

4 minutes:

Hi [student name], please send me a message so I know you’re still here.

Hi [student name]! I think you’re working on the problem right now, but please send me a message so I can confirm that you’re still there. 

6 minutes:

Hi [student name], just letting you know that in order to keep the session going, I need you to send me a message in the next minute. Otherwise, I’ll have to end the session to help other students.

7 minutes:

Unfortunately you’ve been away from the app for more than 5 minutes. I have to end the session so that I can help other students. Feel free to submit another request whenever you’re ready!