Post-Session Page + Feedback Award


Today, we released an update to the Post-Session page you are prompted to fill out at the end of each session. These changes will allow us to gather valuable session information about students, bugs and session anomalies.

The new Post-Session page will ask you to do the following:

  • Classify the session by subtopic
    Note that ‘Pre-Algebra’ is now being referred to as ‘Early Math’

  • Share if the student was engaged for the majority of the session
    Did they readily participate? Did they hesitate to get involved?

  • Provide notes for future tutors
    “This student responds well to whiteboard drawings”

  • Report any bugs or exceptional cases you may have encountered
    Bugs, issues with your technology or anything to note to Ops/TQMs

See below for a screenshot and let us know if you have any questions, feedback or concerns!



Congratulations to Robin DeShazo for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award recognizes tutors who consistently receive exceptional written feedback from students along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Robin’s notable feedback comments include:

  • “Thank you so much for all of your time today. I had numerous questions about topics ranging from all sorts of things, yet you helped and were able to solve them all. Your elaboration and speed allowed me to retain the information and apply it to the next question. Thanks so much :)”
  • “She’s the best tutor I have, no handouts given but she clearly helps explain the problem, I would like to have this tutor again”
  • “One of the best tutors I have ever had. She was so straight forward and made everything so easy for me to remember. Keep up the good work and thank you so much. She made my final review stress free.”
  • An excerpt from a comment that was over 20 sentences (!!!) long:
    “Overall, lessons were extremely helpful with no judgment. Lessons were helpful whether they involved learning new material, or refreshing from months ago. The session lasted a lot longer than I anticipated, but felt short (which is a good thing). I didn’t feel like I had to pull teeth for answers, and Ms. DeShazo was willing and able to help me with more problems than I originally came to her with.”

Way to go

— Team Yup

New: Emotive Reactions + Content Card Reminder


A recent analysis of student feedback revealed that slow teaching pace and confusing explanation represent the majority of complaints received from students.  In-session student behavior analyses have also indicated that many students are hesitant to share what they did and did not understand with tutors – this no doubt makes it tricky for us to adapt to their needs!

In order to address the above concerns, we have developed a new feature that provides students with a low-friction tool for expressing understanding of tutor messages. Introducing: Emotive Responses!

Student View

This feature allows student to indicate if they understand (👌 as “I understand”) or are confused (🤔 as “I’m confused”) on specific tutor messages.

When they add a reaction to one of your messages on their app, it will instantly appear on the message in your Tutor Dashboard. Hovering over the reaction will reveal the timestamp so you’ll know exactly when it was added by the student (see below):

Tutor view of “I’m confused”
Tutor view of “I understand”

When you see a student add a reaction, do your best to use this information to adapt your teaching approach. For example, if a student indicates understanding of something you say, consider adjusting your pace or approach accordingly. Alternatively, if they are confused by part of your explanation, it would be best to take a step back to make sure they are up to speed with that aspect of their concept before moving on.


A recent analysis of Content Card usage by tutors revealed what are slightly underwhelming usage numbers. This is a friendly reminder to utilize this session-enhancing feature whenever appropriate,  or to share ideas for improving this feature via the New Ideas room on slack if you have feedback for making it more useful!

See our Content Card intro post from late last year for a quick refresher.


Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

Tutor Dashboard Performance Tips + Tutor Bios


Image result for lightbulb flat png

A common concern we hear from tutors is that the Tutor Dashboard is slow, unstable or failing to perform as expected. Often these issues can be due to technical bugs which the Engineering team must investigate and resolve. Other issues however, may be related to your computer, operating system/browser settings, or internet connection.

The following is a list of guidelines that will ensure both tutors and students are having the best possible experience using the platform. As we work towards a more stable Tutor Dashboard, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines until further notice – this will increase the likelihood that any bugs being reported are an issue on our end rather than yours:

  • Avoid watching videos or using applications in full screen
    For many operating systems this will cause notifications to fail and sessions to be unknowingly passed 
  • Avoid streaming media or downloading large files
    Because these activities require more bandwidth and memory, they may reduce dashboard performance 
  • Disable Chrome’s ‘background timer throttling’ 
    This feature was introduced to prevent backgrounded tabs from using up system memory. For apps like Yup’s Tutor Dashboard, this setting has a negative impact on performance and may cause passed sessions. To disable the setting, copy and paste chrome://flags/#expensive-background-timer-throttling into your Chrome address bar and disable “Throttle expensive background timers” – as shown below:

  • Limit open tabs and applications during a shift
    Keep your Chrome tabs to a bare minimum during shifts to avoid using up memory. Running programs in the background along with Chrome may also have negative consequences for the Tutor Dashboard. We recommend  a computer with 4 GB of memory at the very least.
  • Ensure reliable internet connection (5- 10 mbps min.)
    See our latest post for more information: Practice Dashboard + Internet Connectivity



If you are newer to the Tutor Team and have not been asked to complete a Tutor Biography, please take a moment to do so:


Read more about Tutor Biographies in our post from last Autumn:
Tutor Biographies (2018/10/09)


Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

Practice Dashboard + Internet Connectivity


Introducing the Practice Session dashboard! The Engineering team created this invaluable training tool for both new and veteran tutors alike – a mock tutor dashboard that allows you to interact with all the features of a real session chatroom, but with a training “bot” rather than a student.

The Practice Session dashboard can be accessed from the dashboard menu at your convenience (see image) or by going to The bot will then guide you through various exercises that show off all that the dashboard has to offer. Practice your whiteboard skills, check out the content card library, or simply make yourself more comfortable using the Yup platform to teach!


Another recent feature Engineering has developed for Tutor Operations is a system allowing us to monitor the quality of tutors’ network connections while in a shift. Now that this feature is up and running, we are concerned to see that many Yup tutors do not have sufficient bandwidth to reliably connect to the Tutor Dashboard, often leading to session issues, high pass rates for tutors and high drop rates for students.

It should go without saying that having a reliable internet connection is fundamental to working for Yup. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a new policy surrounding internet quality – this will likely involve bonus incentives for tutors who improve their poor speed, along with negative consequences for those who fail to do so.

If your internet speed is not consistently at or above 5 – 10 mbps, we strongly recommend that you reach out to your internet service provider ASAP to upgrade your network plan, or explore other options for internet connection.

In order to give us a better understanding of any internet or Tutor Dashboard issues you may be facing, we ask that you complete the following mandatory survey before Wednesday, January 16th.



Thank you for your participation – have a great week, all!

— Team Yup


Slack Tutor Chat + Shift Endings


If you are assigned a problem you are unsure about, please take a moment to upload the student’s image in the tutor-chat channel in Slack. Tagging all online tutors using the @here tag will alert your fellow tutors, along with any online TQMs, that you need assistance. If you need a moment to wait for another tutor to respond, politely let the student know that you are working on their problem, thanking them for their patience.

If you are online and receive a @here notification from a tutor struggling with a problem, please take a moment to provide assistance. If you are with a student when you’re tagged, the student takes precedence – however if you have any capacity to help please try your best to do so.


Starting January 1, 2019, we are updating our policies surrounding ending your shift and overtime compensation. Here are the two changes to the policy:

  1. It will no longer be acceptable to pass sessions towards the end of a shift.
    1. Tutors will be expected to accept incoming requests throughout the entirety of their shifts. This will ensure students are connected in a reasonable time frame and have a great experience with Yup.
    2. Tutors should only claim temporary shifts or takeovers if they are available to extend into overtime. Due to the unpredictable nature of session length, please anticipate the possibility of needing to extend every shift you work by at least 30 minutes.
    3. If there are shifts in your existing weekly schedule that you cannot potentially extend into overtime, it is important to email as soon as possible so we can adjust your schedule accordingly.
  2.  In order to reward and incentivize overtime, we will be increasing the overtime rate from 1.5x your normal hourly wage to 2x your hourly wage starting January 2019.

This policy change aims to address an issue we’ve been seeing with dropped (unclaimed) sessions. It also helps us avoid situations where tutors have to leave mid-solution due to their shift being over, a common area concern for students and parents.

Let us know what questions you have!

— Team Yup