Post-Session Comments, Tutor Workbooks, and New Resource

Post-Session Comments

Thank you to those who have taken our PlayPosit training on writing comments!

Two tutors who have really stood out in their ability to incorporate learnings from this training are Edward and Derek!

Here’s one of Edward’s comments: 

  1. The student didn’t understand the key concepts needed to solve the problem and didn’t stay long enough to solve the problem completely. I recommend that the student ask questions when they are not getting a particular concept and stay longer to discuss and understand the concepts needed to solve the problem.

These thoughtful comments empower our students to grow and succeed. To learn how to write comments like this, please complete our training by Wednesday, September 23.

Tutor Workbooks

The recent rubric changes should reflect in your workbook within the next week. Do not be alarmed if the N/As don’t show up for a couple of days!

New Resources

The first batch of tutoring resources are ready to review! 

We created Check and Reflect resources based on your rankings of importance in the tutor survey. These resources are also linked on the Master Resources page. Next week, we aim to have the Comprehensive UPSCR guide ready for you as well as the first of our How to Engage All Students training series.

UPSCR Changes and Post-session Comments

UPSCR Changes

Can you believe it’s been over 3 months since we rolled out UPSCR?! 

Based on your feedback and internal session reviews, we’re excited to announce the following changes, which should be introduced this week:

  • Adding in N/As for each point (not just each strand) 
  • More lenient with Plan and Check
  • Changing the overall rubric slightly
  • Changing the protocol for Answer Check (Clarification Question) sessions 

Please read the details of the changes here.

Post-Session Comments

As part of our school partnerships, we send regular updates featuring a student spotlight and a Yup tip. This increases student engagement and empowers every student to learn. Please help by providing positive and constructive feedback on the post-session screen to ensure that teachers can hear from the tutors who work with their students! 

To ensure the best comments possible, please review our PlayPosit training. We expect that all tutors take this training. You will be paid 45 minutes for the satisfactory completion of the training. Please let Sharon know if you experience any issues with PlayPosit.

Survey Reminder

Hi all, a quick reminder to take our Tutor Survey by end of day Monday, September 7.

This is your chance to guide Yup’s future by defining and prioritizing projects you think will be the most impactful. 12 tutors have responded thus far, and we’d appreciate 100% participation to help make Yup the most tutor-centric platform on the internet!

We will start building ideas and projects out as soon as we finish the survey. Look out for a future Newsfeed post detailing learnings and project roadmaps. 

Payroll and TGP Refresh Process Update

Payroll will be awarded on September 8th, per Yup policy when the 5th falls on a weekend and the 7th being a US National Holiday. We’ll continue to use the lower session volume bonus cutoffs for August bonus.

Annual and performance rate increases will be awarded following September 8th payroll. We will contact tutors receiving an increase with instructions on executing the increase. After these increases are awarded, we will be discontinuing the formal Yup rate increase program. Instead, we will benchmark our rates to those offered by our competitors.

As you know, Yup has recently focused on achieving long-term cost viability. This sparked a review of our rate increase process. Based on this review, we believe we already offer a generous tutor value proposition versus other online services. We will continue to monitor to ensure this remains the case.

TGP Refresh Process
The TGP Refresh Process will take place the week of September 8th. We will confirm August data for payroll, then update Levels based on Cycle data. New Level will affect payrolls going forward, until the next Refresh.

As noted in Yup Tutor Slack, this Refresh process will not involve hours additions this cycle. This is due to uncertainty in the number of hours required as school year volume increases.

As always, please reach out to with any questions. Happy Tutoring!

Yup “Inside Look” Materials

Hi all! Hope you’re enjoying the last bits of Summer. We’re excited for Fall to kick back into full gear.

As part of our commitment to showing off training and sales materials we use here at Yup, here is a presentation we’ve created to explain to students why sessions at Yup may seem to take a while.

As you’re all aware, this is a common complaint from students. We think this will lead to higher levels of engagement and increased likelihood that students stay for the entirety of UPSCR!

We’re always looking to improve these types of presentations. If you have any recommendations, please let us know!

As always, happy tutoring.