New Resources, Canned Responses Update, and Choose Your Yup Session Adventure

New Resources

We have two more Decision Making trainings that will help you figure out how to best spend your time in a session after the student solves the first problem. Remember, these are trainings to help you make the most of your session time – should you have the student Check or Reflect or maybe they should solve another problem? Check out the third and fourth ones!

Canned Responses Update

We love hearing your feedback!

We updated our canned responses on Thursday to better reflect the frequency with which you use them. Upon request, we also added this canned response: “That’s correct! Nice work, {{student_name}} :)” It is now the last response in “Checking in/Reassuring”.

Please let us know if you have any more recommendations to improve canned responses.

Choose Your Yup Session Adventure

Have you ever read one of those books where you choose what the character does at certain points in the story? For example, “If you want Harry to run away, turn to page 100. If you want him to stay, turn to page 132.” During a brainstorming session, we thought: what would it be like if we took students who were nervous about having a session and allowed them to practice a session through something like this!

In hopes of gently introducing students to Yup, while showcasing the awesome things you do in sessions, we created the Choose Your Yup Session Adventure. Students can pick what they want an imaginary student to do in each situation. After making the decision, they will see a quick video snippet on what it looks like in the session. Feel free to go through it here!

Exciting Announcement: Yup for Business

Hi all! We want to give our tutor team insight into the business opportunities Yup is pursuing outside of schools. Henry has spent the majority of his time the last couple of months booting up a new Yup offering called Yup for Business and we’re excited to share results!

What is Yup for Business?

With COVID forcing work from home and remote learning simultaneously, we guessed that companies might want to pay for tutoring for their employees with children. This would unlock time and energy for working parents that otherwise might be spent teaching math!

We devised two offerings for Yup for Business:

  • Sell tutoring directly to companies for their working parents
  • Offer Yup discount codes for companies to share internally

How is Yup for Business doing?

It’s still early, but we’re seeing strong evidence that the model is viable! Some of our early achievements:

  • We sold our first tutoring package to a start-up called Womply
  • We’re in conversation with ~10 companies of varying size to offer tutoring for their working parents
  • We’ve offered internal discount codes to Dropbox and Facebook

And our biggest success to date:

As of November 12, we are official partners with Microsoft with an offering geared towards Microsoft consumers!

We’re also in conversation with another large company to blast 1.5M subscribers with a Yup offer, timed for January 2021.

As you can see, these are exciting times for Yup! Given the holidays coming up and time for these deals to finalize, we’re hoping to see an uptick of traffic starting in 2021! 

New Resources and October Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

New Resources

Have you ever finished solving a problem with a student, but been unsure what to do next? We have new Decision Making trainings that will help you figure out how to best spend your time in a session after the student solves the first problem. Check out the first and second ones!

Student Feedback

Congratulations to Yann Qi for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Yann’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thanks for the help, I really understand it now. Other tutoring apps didn’t work, as they were automated A.I.”
  • “Very good, would recommend her to my fellow students!”
  • “Thank you so much!!! I enjoyed working out the problem with you!!”
  • “Thank you for helping me I was stick on a problem like this but now I get it and when I cross one like that again I will remember what to do thanks.”

Way to go Yann!

New Resource & TGP Policy Updates

New Resource

This week, we have Do’s and Don’ts that we’ve put into our UPSCR Comprehensive Guide! They’re linked on the rubric page, on the left side. 

TGP Policy Updates

New TGP cutoffs starting with the November refresh:

  • L2: 6.0
  • L3: 8.5
  • L4: 8.75

Please note that we will only use October scores for this TGP refresh. This is because we changed scoring recently and it would be unfair to include lower September scores. Furthermore, we will not be adding/subtracting hours until we see a session volume jump – apologies. And finally, given the lateness of this announcement, we will not reduce TGP levels this cycle.

New bonus cutoffs starting with the October bonus payment:

  • Non-TQM: L1 – 8.75, L2 – 9
  • TQM: L1 – 9.5, L2 – 9.75

These cutoffs are benchmarked against the number of tutors who would qualify. In October, our average UPSCR score is >8.0. Congratulations, this is fantastic! We’ll continue to monitor and make adjustments as needed.

Post-Session Comments and Tutor Dashboard Survey

Post-Session Comments

Thank you so much for continuing to leave post-session comments! We’ll soon introduce a feature that automatically emails your comments to students and teachers!

Please ensure that your grammar is perfect when writing your notes. Also, please use “they” rather than “he” or “she” when referring to the student. We don’t want to embarrass students by identifying them as the incorrect gender!

Tutor Dashboard Survey

We are excited to announce that our Engineering team will focus on improving the tutor dashboard for the rest of the year!

Please fill out our survey by noon PT on Friday, October 23.

We will use the survey to ensure that we are correctly identifying and prioritizing the features and bugs you feel are most important to address!