New Whiteboard Feature: Concept Cards


Today (Wednesday, Nov. 7th), we will be adding new resources to the image library that we hope will take using the whiteboard to the next level! The engineering team will be expanding the image bank to include Concept Cards covering dozens of  concepts from the FOIL Method to the Quotient Rule.

These explanation cards can be used just as you would a normal image from the whiteboard library – use the search function to find the relevant card, click (no need to drag!) to add it to the whiteboard, then drag to resize. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of this feature:

  • Be mindful of the appropriateness of the image for the student you are working with. For example, if a student is lost or frustrated, sending a lot of new information at once would not be the best way to adapt to the student’s situation
  • Depending on the student’s level, it may be necessary to talk the student through the information on the card or annotate the card itself to help facilitate their understanding
  • Check with the student after sending to make sure the concept card makes sense to them, or to see if they have any questions about the information you shared
    Click to Expand Concept Card

    Click to Expand Concept Card


If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to complete the November Tutor Satisfaction Survey! This month’s survey is focusing on bugs, so your feedback will be very helpful for helping us diagnose some of the Tutor Dashboard issues we’ve been seeing.

> > November Tutor Satisfaction Survey < <

Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

Company Report + Satisfaction Survey


Recently we’ve had a number of tutors express interest in learning more about Yup’s growth and evolution as a company. To ensure the whole tutor team is kept in the know with the business side of Yup, along with our broader vision and values, we put together the following company report just for the tutor team:



Results from October Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s survey! Here are the tutor response averages from our key survey questions:

While the Operations Team is proud of our overall positive community feedback, we do recognize there are areas for growth and strive to continue improving. Your valuable feedback is the key to that growth!

November Survey

This month’s survey will ask for thoughts on tutor dashboard bugs. How often are you experiencing bugs? Where are you encountering bugs most frequently? Take the survey to let us know:


> > November Tutor Satisfaction Survey < <


Have a great week!

— Team Yup

Outstanding Student Feedback + Daylight Savings

NEW: Outstanding Student Feedback Award

The school season is in full swing and the Yup Team has been seeing some fantastic positive feedback from students! Starting this week, we are launching the Outstanding Student Feedback Award to celebrate our tutors who make students’ Yup experiences awesome.

This award will be given to tutors who conduct sessions that elicit outstanding written feedback from students. The Yup team will recognize recipients in a newsfeed post along with a $75 bonus included in their next payment. To be eligible for this award you must also demonstrate outstanding overall performance including a strong composite score and overall student ratings – as such, earning it is a special and challenging achievement!

Our First Winner

Congratulations to Usharani PV for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! Some of Usha’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thank you so much, Ms. PV! 🙂 You’ve legitimately SAVED me on numerous occasions and always made me feel like I could freely ask you anything without judgment! You’re always willing to take multiple steps back to fill in knowledge gaps, and help me understand the concepts, rather than just giving me the answers. You’re so nice, and you’re honestly one of the many people who have influenced me to become a tutor (Algebra 1 and Physics) at my school! Thanks for EVERYTHING, and remember that you’ve certainly changed at least one student’s life! :)”
  • “You worked with me twice today, and I learned so much both times. You took so much time out of your day to help me, and I appreciate that. The concepts are definitely more clear and I’m so grateful for your assistance! Thanks again :)”
  • “Ms. Usha, thank you so much for the help today! You ensured that I understood the concepts, and when I didn’t understand them, you helped me. Despite my slow pace, you taught me step by step, and you even explicated the steps through an example problem. Thanks again for your time and help :)”

Way to go Usha! ⭐


On Sunday, November 4th we will be observing Daylight Savings in America. If you reside in an area that doesn’tobserve Daylight Saving Time, we will be reaching out via email in the coming days with important instructions about how this will affect your Yup shifts.

Have a great weekend!

— Team Yup

New Resource + Dashboard Bugs


Earlier this year, we introduced a flowchart-style infographic to guide tutors through the Gap Clarification Phase, as measured by Rubric Standard 1.1. This week, we are excited to introduce similar, infographic-style visual aids to clarify every standard on Yup’s tutor rubric.

These resources aim to break down the best practices for each standard in ways that are easy to reference and understand. In addition to providing tips and suggestions for earning the rubric point(s), they will also guide you through common situations that may arise in a session.

Click image to launch in a new tab

These resources can also be found within our Yup Teaching Standards document on their respective rubric standard slides.


As the Engineering Team continues to diagnose and tackle Tutor Dashboard issues, it is now more important than ever to report any bugs you are experiencing during a shift. The most helpful way to report these bugs is to share a screenshot of the error messages in Chrome’s Developer Console so we can pass these on to the engineers.

To open the dev console, follow the path below in Chrome:

Chrome settings > More tools > Developer tools > Console

Note: We want to capture specifically the error messages listed in the console. You can click the “Default levels” drop-down menu and select only the “Errors” option to see just error messages.

To see the dev console, go to Chrome settings > More tools > Developer tools > Console

Once you have captured the error messages, please share the image(s) in the Slack #system-issues channel along with a description of the issue you experienced. For urgent errors that prevent you from teaching, please also share this information with us at

Thanks in advance for your help, and for your patience and understanding with these issues!

— Team Yup

New: Yup Tutor Expectations + Reminders


If you haven’t already done so, please take the October Tutor Satisfaction Survey and the Tutor Bio Questionnaire before the end of the week. (See our previous post for more information about Tutor Bios.)


Starting next Monday, October 15th, we will be putting an updated policy overview into effect: Yup Tutor Expectations. These guidelines aim to shift focus away from negative behaviors tutors should avoid and towards ideal, positive tutor behaviors. We will still be assessing your performance in the areas mentioned, however with less rigidity, instead focusing on a tutor’s overall ability to meet Yup expectations.

We hope this change will convey the good faith we have in tutors to use their best judgement when making professional decisions. However, it is important to note that an inability to meet the expectations set forth in this document may place your contract at risk.

Yup Tutor Expectations will go into effect Monday, October 15th.

Please let us know what questions you have about this update and have a wonderful weekend!

— Team Yup