Bug Reporting + New Feature Survey


To simplify the way we track and handle technical issues with our site, we ask that you no longer use the “Report Bug” button on the bottom right corner of your screen when you encounter bugs.

The new bug reporting process that we’d like you to follow from now on is outlined in the following document:

Yup Bug Reporting Instructions


tutor.support@yup.com Report serious and/or time-sensitive issues
System Issues HipChat Room Report minor issues or discuss bugs with other tutors


1. If an issue significantly impairs or completely hinders your ability to claim sessions or communicate with students:

Immediately email tutor.support@yup.com.

Instructions on what to include in your email can be found in the link above. Examples of these issues include not being able to press the “claim session” button or not being able to see the student’s messages.

2. If you run into a system error that does not significantly impair your actual tutoring:

Report the issue(s) via the “System Issues” HipChat room.

You may also continue to use this HipChat room to discuss system issues with fellow tutors, who may be experiencing the same issues as you and may have advice on dealing with them. An example of this is your passed session count increasing without an incoming session notification.

If you have any questions about this new procedure, please email tutor.support@yup.com and someone from the Operations Team will get back to you.

TUTOR SURVEY: New Tutor Dashboard Features

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— Team Yup

New Key Tag Policies

Key Tags for Quality Assurance

A few months ago, we introduced a policy that places tutors who receive 5 or more Key Tags in a given week under review for contract termination. (As a reminder, key tags include Gave Answer, Wrong Answer or Insufficient Content Knowledge.)

Because our tutors complete varying numbers of sessions each week, we will be updating this policy to reflect the percentage of sessions that receive key tags rather than a set number.

Starting next week, meeting one or more of the following conditions for a given week will be grounds for contract termination: 

5% or more of sessions tagged as Gave Answer,
10% or more of sessions tagged as Wrong Answer,
10% or more of sessions tagged as Insufficient Content Knowledge,
20% or more of sessions tagged with any of the above key tags.

While we understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, it is unacceptable for a significant portion of your sessions to receive these key tags as they reflect poorly on our service.

Key Tags on New User Sessions

Starting next week, key tags applied to new user sessions will be given higher weight in our Quality Assurance system.

For services like ours, first impressions are everything! The chances of a user abandoning or canceling their subscription are highest in the early days of their time with Yup.

Starting next week, key tags applied to new user sessions will carry the weight of three key tags. See the recent New User flag feature post for more information on how to identify when the student you are working with is a New User.

While new user sessions should be treated the same as any other session (we should be at our best with all users!), we do ask that you put extra care and attention into your interactions with new users. That being said, new users may not yet understand how Yup works; you may need to encourage more participation, push more information, and/or let the user know that their engagement and open communication will help you assist them.

Keep up the great work and email tutor.support@yup.com to let the Operations team know if you have any questions.

Note: if you have not watched the PlayPosit videos detailed in the previous post, please do so as soon as you get a chance!

— Team Yup

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New Video: Pushing Information


Recently, we have introduced a number of features and policies that place greater importance on pushing information to stuck students. So far, however, we haven’t provided much concrete advice about doing so!

With this in mind, we have added a brand new video quiz to our “Adapting to Students” series on PlayPosit. To watch the video, simply login to your PlayPosit.com account. (If you have not received PlayPosit credentials, email aaron@yup.com.)

In the previous video, “Adapting to Student Knowledge”(as mentioned in a recent News Feed post), we briefly discuss teaching in a way that will increase the likelihood of your students answering your guiding questions correctly. The newest video greatly expands on this, describing actionable guidelines on multiple ways of pushing information.

Addressing users’ top concerns (explanation clarity and teaching speed, currently) and continuously improving our ability to do so is utterly crucial to Yup’s success. For that reason, we’re making these two video quizzes mandatory and attaching a bonus for completion:

– Complete both video quizzes before January 1st to earn two hours of bonus pay

– Failure to complete these mandatory training exercises before the above deadline will result in a penalty of 1 strike

We hope you find the video helpful, and if you have any questions or concerns about it, please email tyler@yup.com.

— Team Yup

New User Flag and “IDK” Alerts

As you may have noticed, one new feature was added to your Tutor Dashboard this week, and one more will be added before the week is over! Please read more about them below and answer the questions at the end of this post.


Whenever a session you’ve claimed is the first or second session that your student has submitted, you should now see this extra field at the top of your tutor dashboard:

New users are the least acquainted with our service and have the highest risk of misunderstanding how Yup works or having a bad experience. It’s up to you to show them how much help and confidence our service can give them!

Our service plans have changed to become longer-term and more expensive, making it all the more crucial to give new users a great learning experience. For that reason, we are preparing to give these New User sessions greater weight in our QA system. We hope you’ll use this New User feature to give extra attention to how new users behave and how best to work with them.

“IDK” Messages

Several weeks ago, we saw that a strong predictor of your percentage of Gap Bridged sessions is the rate at which your questions are answered with phrases like “i don’t know” or “not sure” by the student. This rate is also correlated with the percentage of your sessions that receive “Confusing Explanation” feedback from the student.

To address this, we’ve built a new alerting feature that should be deployed today. Whenever your student sends a message like “i don’t know,” “idk,” or “i’m not sure” more than once within a seven-minute time period (we’ll experiment with this time period to optimize it) you’ll see the following message in your chat window:

The aim is to keep the importance of pushing information at the front of your mind, which should decrease the difficulty students have in answering your questions or following your explanations.

We acknowledge this feature’s limits; for example, some “idk” messages are absolutely necessary when probing the student’s knowledge. Also, a few students will say “idk” to any question you ask when they don’t want to participate. Again, this is aimed at encouraging tactful information-pushing, and note that we are not currently tying any new policies to this feature.

The student will not see this alert, but you will be able to see it in your session history. We thank you in advance for your patience as we fine-tune this feature, and look forward to gathering your feedback on it!

— Team Yup

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