Check out the new Yup Onboarding Documents and take the Knowledge Quiz

In a nutshell: this post will introduce you to the new Yup Onboarding Documents and link you to the Knowledge Quiz, which you all need to take by this Friday at 5:00PM Pacific Time.

After many hours of discussion and hard work, we are ready to unveil our new Tutoring Template, Tutor Dashboard Manual, and Tutor Policies documents. All three are now in the form of Google Slides for easier digestion of information. We have also created a 20-question “Knowledge Quiz” that tests the breadth of the material covered in these documents.

All new tutor applicants will have to take this quiz before they can tutor on our platform. Also, since the first group of current tutors will start to be re-tested this Friday, all of you need to have read through these documents and taken this quiz by Friday, July 15th at 5:00PM Pacific Time.

Here are the links to the materials mentioned above:

Best of luck!

-Team Yup