Great Jobs and Policy Updates

Hi all! Fantastic work throughout the first couple weeks of the Fall semester. We’re seeing the highest average student ratings and tutor composite scores in the history of Yup! Thank you as well for bearing with any hiccups that have resulted from our recent scheduling and evaluation tool updates – we’ll get those ironed out soon!

We’ve made a few updates to our Tutor Policies and want to offer a quick overview:

Subject Claiming

We’d like to quickly reiterate the expectation that all sessions assigned while logged in should be claimed to prevent student drops. Any passed sessions will be counted against claim rate. Tutor Growth Pathway metrics have been set to account for outlier situations and allow tutors to infrequently skip sessions. For more info, see here

Session Disputes

We’ve made a small change to our session dispute policy. Given technical limitations, we no longer have the capacity to change individual session scores. Instead, any approved dispute will result in the session being omitted entirely from metric calculations. Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy. 

Subject Coverage

We’ve made some updates to our Math Concept breakdown. We no longer cover a number of concepts including parametric equations, polar equations, and partial fractions as well as others. Please review to ensure you’re aware which concepts we do and do not cover!