Quick Tutoring Reminders!

A big thanks to everyone for ensuring the Tutor Growth Pathway refresh process was smooth and efficient. We hope that everyone is excited for the upcoming winter holidays and then the next semester!

1.1 Reminder

We want to encourage tutors to use student’s presession responses to help with probing questions. For example, if the student indicates that they have started the problem, but you don’t see any work, you can ask, “I see you’ve started this problem already! Can I see the work you’ve done on it please?

Similarly, if the student has not started the problem but has done similar problems, you can ask, “I see you’ve done similar problems before. What was your first step in those?” 

Or when the student has neither started the problem nor done similar problems, you can ask something specific to the problem, like if the student is familiar with a particular concept.

Refresh Process Survey Reminder

Thank you to the 18 tutors who have participated already! For those of you have not had a chance to, please fill out the survey by the end of next week; answers will inform any necessary changes for the next refresh process.

Thank you for your great work and please send any questions to tutor.support@yup.com!