A Big Thank You to Kelsea and Humanity Feedback

Kelsea Rathbun is moving to the Yup Growth team!
After several years on the Tutor Operations Team, Kelsea has been offered an exciting opportunity to support Yup’s Growth Team as a data analyst. While she will still be supporting Tutor Ops’s data needs, she will no longer act as a tutor liaison; please direct any questions or communications to tutor.support@yup.com.

Humanity Feedback
Thank you for all your responses to the Tutor Survey! We’re happy to announce that Humanity has been quite well received. Some of the top themes included an overall reduction of time spent determining schedules, increased simplicity in transferring shifts, and excitement about mobile access to scheduling. A detailed breakdown can be found here.

However, we do recognize there are opportunities to improve:

We agree there are better ways to track OT and breaks using Humanity’s time clock; when our engineering team has more bandwidth, we’ll explore fixes!

  • For now, we ask tutors to continue to use the OT form and clock in/out via the tutor dashboard
  • To minimize issues, please try to do everything in a timely manner – for instance, submit OT right after it occurs and clock out on time

Humanity bugs, such as expired shift releases and difficulty releasing shifts, are frustrating – for you and for us!

  • We’ll continue to work with Humanity; we hope our more tenured tutors agree this is a step forward from our old system, and it will only get better!


Additionally, we want to take the time to highlight and respond to some common feedback that we recognize is important, but may not be able to address in the near future:

Questions regarding shifts being scheduled in 1 hour increments

  • We use 1 hour shifts because Humanity does not support partial shift release (e.g., release only 1 hour of a 1-6pm shift)
  • If Humanity adds this feature, we will make the corresponding change

Requests to publish schedule >1 week in advance

  • We plan to continue with weekly schedule release: we expect frequent schedule changes based on demand, new tutors, hours changes, and more
  • However, tutors should expect their own schedules to remain steady through refresh cycles; feel free to submit leave requests in advance accordingly

Concerns regarding the current Friday 10am PT shift release procedure

  • We recognize this system is not perfect for a number of reasons, but it is the most feasible on our end at this point in time
  • We intend to release shifts at this specific time weekly, and Henry will be in continuous contact until the actual release if we are unable to do so
  • We have limited shifts and a lot of highly qualified tutors – the best way to guarantee more hours is to move up in the TGP system



As always, please reach out to tutor.support@yup.com with any recommendations, suggestions, questions, or concerns. Happy Tutoring!