The perpetrator behind user experience disruption: Your clocks!

In a nutshell: Your clock will only be on time if you follow the instructions previously given AND REFRESH your browser with the tutor dashboard. It is CRITICAL for everyone’s clocks to be on time.

Yesterday, we posted a Newsfeed coined “16 second and counting…”. Although we are sure that many of you have already updated your clocks, they will not be adjusted until you REFRESH the tutor dashboard browser tab.

This is causing major user disruptions and confusion. Imagine how confusing it would be if as a student you were receiving the messages in complete disorder!

We recommend that everyone (even those that did not have issues) spend 5 minutes to ensure their clock is updated. If your clock is not adjusted, you will no longer be able to conduct sessions. Should you have any questions about this, please email

16 seconds and counting…

In a nutshell: This post deals with inaccurate clock computers. Some tutors have clocks that are not synchronized with internet time servers. This is causing serious issues for tutors’ response time and students’ message order. The article will run you through the steps to fix this.



Have you been noticing that your tutor review time is ticking down faster than it should?

Have you been seeing student messages randomly scattered throughout the session in an illogical manner?



Easy Fix!

To get your precious seconds back or to be able to follow your student’s messages coherently, please activate the steps below. Be mindful of whether you have a Windows or Mac!


Windows: Link

Mac: Link

Whiteboard Image Templates + Pre-Session Review Update

Hello Tutors! Two items of business:

1. The post from two days ago regarding the new chat bot (released last night with version 5.2.0!) mentioned that you should greet the student with your name. Specifically, since our app will now refer to you as [Mr./Ms.] [your last name] to emphasize your roles as teachers, we ask that you refer to yourself this way and not by your first name when introducing yourself.

2. One clear result of last week’s survey was that investigating student progress and bringing in external resources are generally considered the two most time-intensive tasks. We fully expect the pre-session review period to streamline the first of these and we hope to eventually give you detailed information about students’ prior knowledge. For the second task, we’ve started to create a library of images that we strongly encourage you to drag from your computer onto your whiteboard and send to students whenever appropriate. You can download the first batch from this Dropbox folder. Feel free to use the whiteboard to cover any parts of them that you feel would give away too much information. We’ll release more of these in the coming weeks for other common topics like PEMDAS, probability, 3D solids, exponential functions, rational expressions, and the chain rule for derivatives. We also hope to let you access these images directly from within your tutor dashboard in the not-too-distant future. Do not hesitate to let us know if there are any topics that you strongly feel we need to add.

-Team Yup

New Feature: Pre-Session Review

Hello Tutors,

We’re excited to tell you about one of our biggest product changes yet, which will go live early this week. Please read the following carefully!

The next version of our mobile app contains a chat program (or “bot”) that sends a series of messages to each student before connecting him or her to a tutor.

These messages welcome them to Yup, prompt them to submit additional images of their progress, and remind them that participation and questions make their sessions more effective.

When the change goes live (we’ll let you all know when it does) you’ll begin to see the following screen upon claiming sessions:
Pasted image at 2016_06_24 05_40 PMNote: not all students will have downloaded the new version of the app the instant it comes out, so if you do not see this new screen and are thrown directly into a session, conduct it normally and ask the student for his or her progress as usual. 

For sessions submitted by students who have the new version, your dashboard will look like the image above, and you will be able to spend time reviewing the student’s initial image(s). These are collected by the bot as it “talks” to the student so that you can enter the conversation much more prepared. Your new instructions for beginning these sessions (not yet reflected by the Tutoring Template) are as follows:

1. Thoroughly and carefully study any materials you receive from the student. The moment you are unable to make any more preparation (whether because you’re fully aware of how the problem should be solved, or because the student submitted a single blank image) you must connect to the session and start helping the student, no matter how much time is left in your countdown. Waiting any longer than this is a waste of your time as well as the student’s.
2.  Connect to the session and send a brief (1-message) introduction. Introducing yourself will make it clear to the student that he or she is now chatting with you rather than the bot. Something like: Hi [student’s name]! I’m [Mr./Mrs./Ms.] [your last name] and I’ll be your tutor for this session.
3. Continue the session. As usual, investigate your student’s familiarity with the concepts and procedures necessary for moving forward and provide a straightforward and customized overview.

Please discuss this with your fellow tutors or email the operations team if you have questions. We can’t wait to see how your sessions go!

Team Yup

P.S. Some of you mentioned in the survey that you would like to see an equation editor integrated into your chat box. This is not yet a high-priority feature for two reasons. One is that your whiteboard has a math typing feature built into it (see the whiteboard tutorial from an earlier post). Also, most of the math symbols you need can be copied and pasted as normal characters: ⁻⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁽⁾√∛∜×·÷±∓≈≠≤≥°∠⊥→∞ƒ≅ǁ₀₁₂₃₄₅₆₇₈₉π αβθΔλµσγρδεωΦƩ½⅓⅔ ¼¾⅕⅖ ⅗⅘⅙⅚⅐⅛⅜⅝⅞⅑⅒ʃ∬∭∮∯∰″ ‴∂∇⊕⊗∀∃∈∉∩∪∴∵⊂⊃Øℇℕℝx̄x̂✔¢⇒⇄〈〉

Survey: Improving Your Tutor Dashboard

Hello Tutors,

Please answer the three questions below to give us a better idea of how we can make your Tutor Dashboard more effective and straightforward. Thanks!

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