Two reminders: Use the domain and report cheating users in HipChat!

In a nutshell: Use only the domain to access your Tutor Dashboard and remember to report the usernames of cheating users in the “Reported Users” HipChat room

When you try to use an outdated domain like or, you are likely to encounter bugs and odd behavior! Remember to only use to access your Tutor Dashboard.

Also, whenever you encounter a cheating user, you need to apply the “Cheating” tag in the Post-Session Screen, and you also need to notify the “Reported Users” room on HipChat of the cheating user’s username with a message like the following: “[username] is working on an exam.” You can find this room by typing “Reported Users” into your HipChat search bar.

One final note: if a user says that he or she is working on a practice quiz, do not treat that user as a cheating user!

— Team Yup

Still Confused about Session Tags?

In a nutshell: See the document linked below for the Dos and Donts of using session tags

To help ensure we are all on the same page with using session tags, we have added an in-depth look at their uses to our Session Categorization guide:

Session Tags In-Depth

These guidelines address many of the questions we’ve been receiving from you and provide more clarity about tagging less common situations.


Still unsure about how to tag a particular situation or have a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

— Team Yup

Tick-tock! Increase in Session Claim Time

In a nutshell: You will now have 15 seconds to claim a session once matched with a student.

As some of you may have noticed, you will now have 15 seconds to click the orange “Connect” button when paired with a student. This is an extension from the previous 10-second countdown.

Remember: If you fail to claim the session before the 15-second countdown ends, your “Passed” count in the upper-left corner will increase. It’s extremely important to promptly attend to any user you are matched with — failing to do so lets down our students and may carry penalties.

Let us know if you have any questions!

— Team Yup


Check out the new Yup Onboarding Documents and take the Knowledge Quiz

In a nutshell: this post will introduce you to the new Yup Onboarding Documents and link you to the Knowledge Quiz, which you all need to take by this Friday at 5:00PM Pacific Time.

After many hours of discussion and hard work, we are ready to unveil our new Tutoring Template, Tutor Dashboard Manual, and Tutor Policies documents. All three are now in the form of Google Slides for easier digestion of information. We have also created a 20-question “Knowledge Quiz” that tests the breadth of the material covered in these documents.

All new tutor applicants will have to take this quiz before they can tutor on our platform. Also, since the first group of current tutors will start to be re-tested this Friday, all of you need to have read through these documents and taken this quiz by Friday, July 15th at 5:00PM Pacific Time.

Here are the links to the materials mentioned above:

Best of luck!

-Team Yup

Tell us about your pre-session review time!

In a nutshell: We want to know how you feel about the new pre-session review state and how you’re using the extra reviewing time. Please take the survey below (it should take about 5 minutes) to let us know.

Also, please bookmark this site ( and feel free to use it to refresh your memory on particular concepts or look for helpful images. Specifically, this section of the site covers all probability and data concepts covered by our service (and the Common Core State Standards).

-Team Yup