Introducing: Session of the Week!

In a nutshell: Each week, the Yup Team will choose and share one OUTSTANDING session. If your session is chosen, you will receive a $25 bonus! Use the form below to nominate one session per week.


Starting today, we will begin accepting nominations of notable sessions that exemplify Yup standards. The Yup Team will select the most impressive session each week to feature here on the Newsfeed as ‘Session Of the Week‘.

Tutor Quality Managers will be nominating any stand-out sessions they come across, and you are welcome to self-nominate your own awesome sessions via the form below (one per week).


Not only will the featured sessions set a great example for our Tutor Team, but if your session is chosen, you will receive a $25 bonus!



Have a great weekend!

— Team Yup

Coming Soon: New Tags!

In a nutshell: Our new tagging system goes live soon! Check out how it works on slide 8 of the Tutor Policies doc.

The engineering team will incorporate the new tags into your Tutor Dashboard on the night of Friday, August 26th. (FYI: the Session Categorization document, linked to in slide 7, still refers to the old tagging system.)

The new tagging system has multiple benefits. Most importantly it will improve:

  • Your performance. Along with feedback scores for non-Gap Clarification Phase (GCP) sessions, the new tags will allow you to see more targeted, relevant information about GCP sessions.
  • Our Quality Assurance system. The new tags will let us fairly and efficiently filter out sessions (testing app, cheating, wrong subject etc.) that should not affect your percentage of GCP sessions.
  • Yup Team metrics. The new tags will provide our product, engineering, and operations teams with useful information about what’s happening in individual sessions.

If you have any questions about the new tagging system, feel free to email


Team Yup

Tutor Review State now 20 seconds!

In a nutshell: Starting today, August 19th, we’re reducing the Tutor Review State time period from one minute to twenty seconds.

We’ve updated the Tutor Review State Guide to reflect this change. The guidelines in prior posts about the Review State still apply, and you all still need to take the Pop Quiz we posted last week!

You’ll keep using the time in the Review State to understand the student’s assignment and get a sense of which ideas it covers. The difference is that now, you’ll more quickly start talking to your students about what they know and what issues they’re having. If you absolutely need more time to review the problem, simply ask for it after you introduce yourself, like so: I’ll need another moment to finish looking over your problem and then we’ll get started. Thanks for your patience! Note that we’re also keeping the Yup Bot in order to set student expectations and collect their work.

This decision is the result of weeks of data showing that the one-minute Review State doesn’t significantly impact important measures like the percentage of sessions reaching Gap Bridged. Our hypothesis: trying too hard to strategize without live input from the student produces marginal benefits at the cost of making anxious students wait for help!


Team Yup


Grade Disputes + Report Card Updates

In a nutshell:
– Grades can now be disputed when off by 2 or more pointsmegaphone 2 icon
– Contact Kelsea to discuss improving Report Cards

Grade Disputes & Rubric 2.2
Rubric 2.2 is here, and we have adjusted the Grade Dispute policy to match. While you previously needed a score that was incorrect by three or more points to qualify for a grade dispute, you can now dispute session scores you feel are off by two or more points.

The biggest change that comes with Rubric 2.2? You will no longer be expected to write an overview before moving into the Explanation Phase. Instead, we are focusing on these six key teaching aspects to assess your sessions:


(While this change is not yet reflected on your Tutor Dashboard’s feedback system, you may have noticed that the areas we no longer grade automatically receive a “Yes”.)

Quality Assurance Report Cards
Received a less-than-perfect Report Card? Get in touch with our Training Coordinator, Kelsea, at or She will look into your recent sessions and suggest ways to improve your performance and get those Report Card numbers where they need to be.

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup