New Policy & Student View of Tutoring

Student View

Many tutors have mentioned they’d like to know what students see when they have a session. Our Growth team put a mock session together and we ended up with these videos. Below each video is a description of the feature each is showing. Enjoy!

5 Minute Inactivity

We noticed that students are ‘timing out’ due to 5 minutes of inactivity in >5% of sessions. Sometimes students have truly gone inactive; other times, students who stopped responding reach out to us saying that they needed more time to work. This inactivity is clearly frustrating for both students and tutors alike! 

While we’re already working on student feedback channels for tutors, we also want to ensure students have a chance to rejoin a session before being deemed inactive. The new check-in system starts on Monday, February 24 and works as follows:

  • 2 total minutes of student inactivity: quick check in
  • 4 total minutes of student inactivity (cumulative, 2 minutes after prior message): check in with small level of urgency
  • 6 total minutes of student inactivity: warning that session might end
  • 7 total minutes: end of session using typical canned response

Please try to be thoughtful about sending these messages. For instance, if you’ve sent multiple 2 minute warnings in a row, consider revising the message. If you know the student is working on a problem, you may choose to delay checking in. Additionally, if the student has indicated that they do not need any more help, there is no need to send this cadence of messages – simply end the session after 1 minute if the student has not already.

Below are the new canned responses for each type of message, found under the Session/Shift Ending tab. Please note that the first message in each group is more pertinent for students who should be responding to a quick question, while the second message is more applicable to students who are working on their problems. 

2 minutes:

Hi [student name], just checking that you’re still here!

Hi [student name]! Nice job working on this problem; please let me know if you get stuck!

4 minutes:

Hi [student name], please send me a message so I know you’re still here.

Hi [student name]! I think you’re working on the problem right now, but please send me a message so I can confirm that you’re still there. 

6 minutes:

Hi [student name], just letting you know that in order to keep the session going, I need you to send me a message in the next minute. Otherwise, I’ll have to end the session to help other students.

7 minutes:

Unfortunately you’ve been away from the app for more than 5 minutes. I have to end the session so that I can help other students. Feel free to submit another request whenever you’re ready!

Tutor Satisfaction Survey and Student Feedback!

Our January Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

Congratulations to Pralhad Mohan Shinde for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Pralhad’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “He was an amazing teacher, he worked me through the problem and helped me find the CORRECT solution.”
  • “Thank you so much. I was feeling very discouraged when I first looked at the questions but you helped me realize that I can do it!”
  • “Thank you! Helped me learn what to do quickly and in a super positive way! :)”

Way to go Pralhad

Tutor Satisfaction Survey

This month our Tutor Survey focuses on gathering your feedback for upcoming tutor experience product features! Our goal is to improve all of our visualization / graphing functions. We’d love to understand what tools you use and any recommendations you have for implementation. This product feature prioritization is a direct result of tutor feedback in our Slack channel – thank you so much for your continued input!

TGP Refresh / Payroll

Thanks to everyone for helping us with a smooth transition into the next cycle. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Quick Updates

Hi team! Short newsfeed post today!

Updated Equation Writing

As some of you may have noticed, we have updated the equation writing feature on our whiteboard. We understand that using LaTeX was a bit cumbersome, so we’ve updated our language. We are including a guide on how to use the language. Please see the column labeled “TeX alt” and feel free to practice with it in the practice dashboard.

We are planning to do a larger overhaul of the equation writing feature (and whiteboard) in the coming months, so stay tuned!

TGP Refresh Plan

A quick reminder that the current TGP cycle ends today! All disputes are due by 11:59 PM PT 2/2. Please review last week’s Newsfeed Post for more detailed information.

TGP Refresh Plan, Payroll, and Taxes


Hi team! We want to provide a quick update on the upcoming TGP Refresh. For those who were around for the last refresh, the process will look quite similar per the positive feedback we received.

Please see below for the timeline:


  • 2/2: All session disputes are due by 11:59pm PT Sunday
  • 2/3 5pm PT: All disputes processed and new levels communicated via email (we will also keep tutor workbooks set to the winter cycle so you can verify metrics)
  • 2/3-2/4 5pm PT: Any tutors moving down levels will have 24 hours to remove hours as needed; an email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 2/4-2/5 5pm PT: New tutors moving to Level 2 and all Level 4 tutors will have the chance to add hours; an email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 2/5-2/6 5pm PT: Other tutors moving up to Level 2 and all Level 3 tutors will have the chance to add hours; an email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 2/6 Evening: New cycle schedules to be confirmed with all tutors via email
  • 2/7: Typical 10am PT release for week of 2/10 will reflect new schedules


Additionally, a quick logistics reminder we hope you find helpful:

  • Expect January payroll on February 5th per our typical policy
  • January payroll rates will reflect current cycle Level
  • New cycle Level will be applied starting February payroll

And for our US tutors, please note that we are sending out 1099s in the next week

  • We are reaching out from to confirm relevant information
  • A number of tutors need to sign W9s – please do so ASAP (by 1/27) 
  • If you have moved recently, please let us know your updated address

As always, please reach out to with any questions!

Our December Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

Hi all, welcome back! We’re looking forward to this new semester with you.

Congratulations to Karthik Govindan for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Karthik’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “My first math tutoring session ever and I’m happy to say it went really well”
  • “thank you so much for the advice you gave me…I will be sure to use your strategies in the future. thank you :)”
  • “you have tutored me twice this evening, and for both times, I am grateful. I appreciate the patience you have with my lack of concepts I have learned. you’ve taught me through examples, then asked me to apply them to my problem, making the problem solving experience better. thank you so much :)”
  • “thank you so much for taking the time to help me! you went back to the question and resolved it just to double check, which I appreciate so we would stay on the same path. you made it easier to solve & we took the path that I was more comfortable, which I’m grateful for. thank you so so much for the assistance :)”
  • “you tutored me just yesterday, and the session from yesterday went equally well as today’s…I appreciate all the help & explanations today, as you went at my pace. thank you so so much :)”

Way to go Karthik!