TGP Updates and Student Ratings Tips


In line with our policy of paying the 5th of every month, or the Monday following if the 5th is a weekend, please expect September payroll to arrive the evening (PT) of Monday, October 7. 

TGP Updates

When we first introduced the Tutor Growth Pathway, our goal was to set initial TGP metrics and then update them based on tutor performance. We’re excited to say that performance to-date has been stellar, with an average composite score of >9.4 and average student ratings >90%! Accordingly, we’re making some small updates:

  • Level 1
    • Composite Score: 8.5 → 8.75
    • Student Ratings: 75% → 80%
    • Claim Rate: 75% → 80%
  • Level 2
    • Composite Score: 8.75 → 9.0

As a reminder, there is another month in our refresh cycle – plenty of time to hit these numbers! Feel free to reach out to Sharon Matsuoka for support.

Student Ratings Tips

Our Operations team has been hard at work identifying teaching styles that often lead to higher student ratings. Here are some tips on things to focus on to increase your student rating!

Grammar: Students find it easier to engage when tutors write grammatically correct sentences, spelling is accurate, and punctuation is correct

See our newly released grammar cheat sheet for more info

Speed: Students tend to view their tutor as more responsive during sessions with lower average response time.

We encourage checking in with students to let them know you’re still there, particularly if you’re in the middle of solving a large problem!

Achievements: While achievements are a great way of motivating students, be thoughtful about how frequently you’re awarding them

We’ve found older students in particular (grades 10+) may interpret frequent achievements as a sign that they’re struggling with the problem

Tone: Occasionally, students feel as if their tutors acted rude or condescending based on how they interpret the tutor’s tone; while we know this is not the tutor’s intent, we encourage tutors to try to match their phrasing to the student’s level of understanding and also to act respectfully towards the student even when the student or the tutor is upset or frustrated.

Student: “I would like to finish this problem ASAP.”

Tutor: “We could work a little faster if you could be a little patient.”

When we use language that conveys “this would happen if you just did this…”, it can come off as blame on the student. 

As always, if a student seems particularly disengaged or frustrated, fill out the student feedback form upon session end.

Thank you and happy tutoring!



TGP Updates, Tutor Survey, and Student Feedback Award!

Hi Tutors!

Next week, we’ll be sending out payroll for the first time using our new Tutor Growth Pathway. We appreciate all the feedback you have provided in order to improve the program. Specifically, we want to acknowledge some concerns that tutors have had about student ratings.

A number of tutors have felt unfairly penalized when students have given poor ratings for issues stemming from improper use of the app, such as:

  • Wanted Answer
  • Problem Unclear
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Cheating
  • Spam/Testing App
  • Wrong Subject

Per your feedback, we will be excluding student ratings from sessions with these tags. Expect to see these changes take hold in the next week.

Tutors have also asked about sessions where students have given poor ratings but the reason is unclear. Ultimately, we believe it is important in these situations to value the customer experience and trust that there are aspects of the experience that our QA system may not accurately measure, such as:

  • The student exits the session without sending a message because they had a past poor experience with a specific tutor.
  • The student gives a poor rating despite strong pedagogy scores because of the tutor’s tone or phrasing.
  • The student exits after a few messages because they feel that the tutor is unclear. We often find that low student ratings correlate with poor tutor grammar or unclear phrasing.

To address this necessary imperfection, we purposefully calculated our highest level metrics to equal average historical ratings. We feel this pushes everyone to perform at their best, but also allows some extra room for the occasional session that doesn’t go as planned.

Tutor Survey

We’d love to hear your thoughts on your overall experience as well as Humanity. Please fill out the September Tutor Satisfaction Survey by 10/4 so that we can best help improve your Yup experience!

Our September Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

Congratulations to Mary Ogawa for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Mary’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thank you very much for your help. This was my first time on YUP and I had an awesome first experience!”
  • “She was so amazing in helping me understand the concept and answering all my questions I had with a great attitude!”
  • “Thank you so much for being patient with me. I feel a lot more confident with these types of problems now. :)”

Way to go Mary


-The Yup Tutor Operations Team

Slack Updates and Introducing Emergency Response Tutor Program!

We’ve seen a lot of great feedback about how we can best use Slack as a company, and we’re excited to announce a few major updates based on your feedback!


We’ll be renaming and repurposing a number of Slack channels to make conversing clearer. Please see the first edition of Yup Tutor Slack Guidelines! You’ll find a list of renamed channels, an explanation of where to post what, and best practice recommendations.


We’re proud to announce a new trial program: Emergency Response Tutors

    • Emergency Response Tutors (ERTs) have the option to jump online during high wait periods (announced by automated alerts) and take extra sessions
    • Any tutor may voluntarily choose to be an ERT
    • For any time spent in-session but out-of-shift during high wait periods, ERTs will be compensated at 2x hourly rate
    • Please note that out-of-session time will not be compensated; as sessions will be allocated first-come first-served, we recommend coming online to help only if you’re already available – typical high wait periods only last 5-10 minutes
    • Join the Emergency Response Tutors Slack Channel

Because this is a trial, the parameters of this program may change. We’ll be testing its effectiveness over the next few weeks by measuring how many drops it prevents and also your satisfaction with the program. Please see this slide in the Tutor Policies deck for more detail and let us know of any questions!


We are introducing a form to systematize your feedback on students. This form should be a primary feedback mechanism so we can track student performance, but we also encourage you to continue to use the Student Feedback Slack Channel to offer helpful advice to other tutors.

In turn, Yup Tutor Operations will commit to consistent reports on the most common issues and students that are brought up. Additionally, we’re already working on product specs directly related to your feedback:

  • Internal student profiles that allow tutors to review comments from other tutors on best practice teaching styles for each student
  • Students’ can select preferred learning styles (e.g., more whiteboard, faster teaching, check in often) and these are shown to tutors 

Thanks and happy tutoring all!

Great Jobs and Policy Updates

Hi all! Fantastic work throughout the first couple weeks of the Fall semester. We’re seeing the highest average student ratings and tutor composite scores in the history of Yup! Thank you as well for bearing with any hiccups that have resulted from our recent scheduling and evaluation tool updates – we’ll get those ironed out soon!

We’ve made a few updates to our Tutor Policies and want to offer a quick overview:

Subject Claiming

We’d like to quickly reiterate the expectation that all sessions assigned while logged in should be claimed to prevent student drops. Any passed sessions will be counted against claim rate. Tutor Growth Pathway metrics have been set to account for outlier situations and allow tutors to infrequently skip sessions. For more info, see here

Session Disputes

We’ve made a small change to our session dispute policy. Given technical limitations, we no longer have the capacity to change individual session scores. Instead, any approved dispute will result in the session being omitted entirely from metric calculations. Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy. 

Subject Coverage

We’ve made some updates to our Math Concept breakdown. We no longer cover a number of concepts including parametric equations, polar equations, and partial fractions as well as others. Please review to ensure you’re aware which concepts we do and do not cover!

Fall Schedules, Tutor Growth Pathway, and Humanity Launch!

We continue to be excited for the start of the Fall semester this upcoming Monday, 9/2. We want to thank everyone for helping us through all the recent changes.

Tutor Growth Pathway and Fall Schedules

Congratulations on a great job during our Tutor Freeze Period! We saw a big bump in comp scores, ratings, and claim rate. This means better teaching, less drops, and faster service for our students =)


Growth pathway payment rates will go into effect on September 1, 2019

  • August payroll will reflect our old system, including relevant bonuses 
  • Please ensure that you have signed your new contract: reach out to with any questions or concerns

Fall schedules will go into effect September 2, 2019

  • Please verify your schedule and reach out to with any concerns or requests to add hours, based on the noted schedule availability

Humanity Scheduling Software

Full launch of Humanity will take place on September 9/2. Until then, please continue to use our typical procedures and policies for scheduling matters (e.g., fill out a form for a shift switch or leave request on 9/1). However, some important notes:

Available shift release for the week of 9/2 will take place Friday, August 30 in Humanity

  • Tutors can see their weekly Fall schedules the evening of Thursday, August 29 
  • Tutors can claim hours up to their total weekly hours Level maximum

Starting 9/2, we will move to using Humanity for all major scheduling procedures

  • Release shifts, request leave, and continue to claim shifts in Humanity
  • Use the scheduling form to submit overtime or availability updates

New Tutors

And finally, get excited for an influx of new tutors! We expect up to ~50 new tutors to onboard over the next few weeks, and more when we split the subject exam (more to come on that). 

Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

–Team Yup