September Tutor Survey

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who participated in our first Tutor Satisfaction Survey!

  • Over 60% of the tutor community completed the survey last month
  • The Operations Team presented the feedback from this survey to the entire company, driving thoughtful conversations
  • We’d like to especially thank those of you who took the time to provide thoughtful comments and suggestions

This month’s survey will be exploring the following areas:

  • Which technology improvement would be most helpful to you?
  • What feedback do you have on the new whiteboard features?

 Your input will directly impact our strategy for improving your tutoring experience! Take the survey now:

September Tutor Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for your participation and happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

Adapting to Student Knowledge


A few weeks ago, we invited a number of randomly selected Yup tutors to watch a PlayPosit training video entitled ‘Adapting to Student Knowledge’. The video outlines general strategies for using guiding questions to move sessions forward quickly while aligning with students’ abilities. 

We found that after being asked to review this video, not only did the selected tutors demonstrate higher gap bridged percentages, but students left less “confusing explanation” feedback and more “fast teaching” feedback on the tutors’ sessions.

If you haven’t already done so, please log in to PlayPosit, watch the video, and answer the interactive quiz questions. The video is less than 6 minutes long and, at the end of the video, you’ll have the chance to leave feedback; please let us know about anything you found either confusing or helpful. We hope you find it informative!

If you have not yet received your PlayPosit credentials or need help logging in, please email

— Team Yup


Introducing Badges

Use the New Star Feature

We want to reward students for participating and being proactive during sessions. Thus, we’re introducing our latest feature, badges!

You will now have the option to give students a star to motivate and inspire them. The star icon will be available on your tutor dashboard. Once you click on the star button, you will have to confirm that you want to send it. After you click “yes”, a star will be sent to the student.

Feel free to give students one or multiple stars during your sessions. Here are some situations where we recommend that you send a star:

+ Student uploads their work

+ Student actively participates

+ Student asks insightful questions

+ Student does more than one question

After giving a star, please let the student know why you are giving them the star. For example, “Hey Allen, you’ve earned a star because you’ve been asking great questions in this session. Great work!”

Please do not abuse this feature by giving students too many stars.  

We will provide further directions around badges as we learn more from student reactions. We are excited to see you use this new feature to help students participate and learn!


SotW & Performance Bonuses


Congratulations to Session of the Week winner, Kevin Lloyd Esguerra! It was great to see you encourage the student to use the whiteboard, Kevin! Your bonus will be included with your next paycheck.

Nominate one of your own exceptional sessions via the submission form and you could win a $25 bonus!



Congratulations to Robert Wear who achieved a Top Ten tutor ranking for two or more consecutive weeks, earning him a $25 performance bonuses. Great work!

— Team Yup