SotW & Performance Bonuses


Congratulations to Session of the Week winner, Kevin Lloyd Esguerra! It was great to see you encourage the student to use the whiteboard, Kevin! Your bonus will be included with your next paycheck.

Nominate one of your own exceptional sessions via the submission form and you could win a $25 bonus!



Congratulations to Robert Wear who achieved a Top Ten tutor ranking for two or more consecutive weeks, earning him a $25 performance bonuses. Great work!

— Team Yup

Team Session Analysis

In a nutshell: After reading through the following session, what aspects do you feel could have been handled differently?

A couple months ago, we introduced a newsfeed feature called Session Analysis, which looks into less-than-ideal sessions and invites tutors to discuss aspects that could have been handled differently.

We would like to revisit this feature– however rather than including notes with areas of concern, we invite you to read through the session and share your own comments about problem areas you notice.

(Opens session PDF in new tab.)

yup_discussAfter reading through this session, what are some things you would do differently if paired with the same student? Use the included message numbers to refer to specific interactions.

— Team Yup


The perpetrator behind user experience disruption: Your clocks!

In a nutshell: Your clock will only be on time if you follow the instructions previously given AND REFRESH your browser with the tutor dashboard. It is CRITICAL for everyone’s clocks to be on time.

Yesterday, we posted a Newsfeed coined “16 second and counting…”. Although we are sure that many of you have already updated your clocks, they will not be adjusted until you REFRESH the tutor dashboard browser tab.

This is causing major user disruptions and confusion. Imagine how confusing it would be if as a student you were receiving the messages in complete disorder!

We recommend that everyone (even those that did not have issues) spend 5 minutes to ensure their clock is updated. If your clock is not adjusted, you will no longer be able to conduct sessions. Should you have any questions about this, please email

16 seconds and counting…

In a nutshell: This post deals with inaccurate clock computers. Some tutors have clocks that are not synchronized with internet time servers. This is causing serious issues for tutors’ response time and students’ message order. The article will run you through the steps to fix this.



Have you been noticing that your tutor review time is ticking down faster than it should?

Have you been seeing student messages randomly scattered throughout the session in an illogical manner?



Easy Fix!

To get your precious seconds back or to be able to follow your student’s messages coherently, please activate the steps below. Be mindful of whether you have a Windows or Mac!


Windows: Link

Mac: Link