TGP Refresh Plan, Payroll, and Taxes


Hi team! We want to provide a quick update on the upcoming TGP Refresh. For those who were around for the last refresh, the process will look quite similar per the positive feedback we received.

Please see below for the timeline:


  • 2/2: All session disputes are due by 11:59pm PT Sunday
  • 2/3 5pm PT: All disputes processed and new levels communicated via email (we will also keep tutor workbooks set to the winter cycle so you can verify metrics)
  • 2/3-2/4 5pm PT: Any tutors moving down levels will have 24 hours to remove hours as needed; an email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 2/4-2/5 5pm PT: New tutors moving to Level 2 and all Level 4 tutors will have the chance to add hours; an email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 2/5-2/6 5pm PT: Other tutors moving up to Level 2 and all Level 3 tutors will have the chance to add hours; an email will explain the process for how to do so
  • 2/6 Evening: New cycle schedules to be confirmed with all tutors via email
  • 2/7: Typical 10am PT release for week of 2/10 will reflect new schedules


Additionally, a quick logistics reminder we hope you find helpful:

  • Expect January payroll on February 5th per our typical policy
  • January payroll rates will reflect current cycle Level
  • New cycle Level will be applied starting February payroll

And for our US tutors, please note that we are sending out 1099s in the next week

  • We are reaching out from to confirm relevant information
  • A number of tutors need to sign W9s – please do so ASAP (by 1/27) 
  • If you have moved recently, please let us know your updated address

As always, please reach out to with any questions!

Our December Outstanding Student Feedback Winner

Hi all, welcome back! We’re looking forward to this new semester with you.

Congratulations to Karthik Govindan for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! This award is given to tutors who receive consistent, outstanding written feedback from students over several weeks along with demonstrating excellent overall performance.

Some of Karthik’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “My first math tutoring session ever and I’m happy to say it went really well”
  • “thank you so much for the advice you gave me…I will be sure to use your strategies in the future. thank you :)”
  • “you have tutored me twice this evening, and for both times, I am grateful. I appreciate the patience you have with my lack of concepts I have learned. you’ve taught me through examples, then asked me to apply them to my problem, making the problem solving experience better. thank you so much :)”
  • “thank you so much for taking the time to help me! you went back to the question and resolved it just to double check, which I appreciate so we would stay on the same path. you made it easier to solve & we took the path that I was more comfortable, which I’m grateful for. thank you so so much for the assistance :)”
  • “you tutored me just yesterday, and the session from yesterday went equally well as today’s…I appreciate all the help & explanations today, as you went at my pace. thank you so so much :)”

Way to go Karthik!

Happy Holidays and Policy Updates

Happy Holidays Yup Tutors!

It is now officially winter break for most students in America. We hope you all enjoy your own well deserved breaks! The Yup Operations Team will also be working in a limited capacity during this time. Please expect delayed responses to any messages until we return on January 2nd. Reach out to with any emergency questions or requests!

Disputes Policy Update

Per your feedback, we’ll be updating our dispute policy beginning in January 2020!

  • Tutors will now be able to submit an unlimited number of disputes
  • Dispute score minimum has been raised to 8
  • However, once a tutor has their second dispute rejection in a month, no more disputes will be considered for that month – even if already submitted
  • Disputes must be submitted within 7 days of grading or up until monthly deadline, whichever comes sooner

The goal of this policy is to allow maximal flexibility in submitting disputes without overloading Sharon, who personally reviews each dispute. We anticipate this new policy will allow for an increased number of disputes per tutor – but please be thoughtful about what sessions to dispute so as not to reach your limit!

As always, we are happy to hear feedback and will continue to iterate on these policies. Please note that amendments will not be made to session scores/categories/tags; we are only able to ignore scores. Additionally, we will continue to disallow tutor disputes of thumbs up/thumbs down at this time, on the grounds that such disputes are often too subjective. 

Thank you and happy tutoring!

A Big Thank You to Kelsea and Humanity Feedback

Kelsea Rathbun is moving to the Yup Growth team!
After several years on the Tutor Operations Team, Kelsea has been offered an exciting opportunity to support Yup’s Growth Team as a data analyst. While she will still be supporting Tutor Ops’s data needs, she will no longer act as a tutor liaison; please direct any questions or communications to

Humanity Feedback
Thank you for all your responses to the Tutor Survey! We’re happy to announce that Humanity has been quite well received. Some of the top themes included an overall reduction of time spent determining schedules, increased simplicity in transferring shifts, and excitement about mobile access to scheduling. A detailed breakdown can be found here.

However, we do recognize there are opportunities to improve:

We agree there are better ways to track OT and breaks using Humanity’s time clock; when our engineering team has more bandwidth, we’ll explore fixes!

  • For now, we ask tutors to continue to use the OT form and clock in/out via the tutor dashboard
  • To minimize issues, please try to do everything in a timely manner – for instance, submit OT right after it occurs and clock out on time

Humanity bugs, such as expired shift releases and difficulty releasing shifts, are frustrating – for you and for us!

  • We’ll continue to work with Humanity; we hope our more tenured tutors agree this is a step forward from our old system, and it will only get better!


Additionally, we want to take the time to highlight and respond to some common feedback that we recognize is important, but may not be able to address in the near future:

Questions regarding shifts being scheduled in 1 hour increments

  • We use 1 hour shifts because Humanity does not support partial shift release (e.g., release only 1 hour of a 1-6pm shift)
  • If Humanity adds this feature, we will make the corresponding change

Requests to publish schedule >1 week in advance

  • We plan to continue with weekly schedule release: we expect frequent schedule changes based on demand, new tutors, hours changes, and more
  • However, tutors should expect their own schedules to remain steady through refresh cycles; feel free to submit leave requests in advance accordingly

Concerns regarding the current Friday 10am PT shift release procedure

  • We recognize this system is not perfect for a number of reasons, but it is the most feasible on our end at this point in time
  • We intend to release shifts at this specific time weekly, and Henry will be in continuous contact until the actual release if we are unable to do so
  • We have limited shifts and a lot of highly qualified tutors – the best way to guarantee more hours is to move up in the TGP system



As always, please reach out to with any recommendations, suggestions, questions, or concerns. Happy Tutoring!

TGP Updates and Student Ratings Tips


In line with our policy of paying the 5th of every month, or the Monday following if the 5th is a weekend, please expect September payroll to arrive the evening (PT) of Monday, October 7. 

TGP Updates

When we first introduced the Tutor Growth Pathway, our goal was to set initial TGP metrics and then update them based on tutor performance. We’re excited to say that performance to-date has been stellar, with an average composite score of >9.4 and average student ratings >90%! Accordingly, we’re making some small updates:

  • Level 1
    • Composite Score: 8.5 → 8.75
    • Student Ratings: 75% → 80%
    • Claim Rate: 75% → 80%
  • Level 2
    • Composite Score: 8.75 → 9.0

As a reminder, there is another month in our refresh cycle – plenty of time to hit these numbers! Feel free to reach out to Sharon Matsuoka for support.

Student Ratings Tips

Our Operations team has been hard at work identifying teaching styles that often lead to higher student ratings. Here are some tips on things to focus on to increase your student rating!

Grammar: Students find it easier to engage when tutors write grammatically correct sentences, spelling is accurate, and punctuation is correct

See our newly released grammar cheat sheet for more info

Speed: Students tend to view their tutor as more responsive during sessions with lower average response time.

We encourage checking in with students to let them know you’re still there, particularly if you’re in the middle of solving a large problem!

Achievements: While achievements are a great way of motivating students, be thoughtful about how frequently you’re awarding them

We’ve found older students in particular (grades 10+) may interpret frequent achievements as a sign that they’re struggling with the problem

Tone: Occasionally, students feel as if their tutors acted rude or condescending based on how they interpret the tutor’s tone; while we know this is not the tutor’s intent, we encourage tutors to try to match their phrasing to the student’s level of understanding and also to act respectfully towards the student even when the student or the tutor is upset or frustrated.

Student: “I would like to finish this problem ASAP.”

Tutor: “We could work a little faster if you could be a little patient.”

When we use language that conveys “this would happen if you just did this…”, it can come off as blame on the student. 

As always, if a student seems particularly disengaged or frustrated, fill out the student feedback form upon session end.

Thank you and happy tutoring!