Bug Reporting + New Feature Survey


To simplify the way we track and handle technical issues with our site, we ask that you no longer use the “Report Bug” button on the bottom right corner of your screen when you encounter bugs.

The new bug reporting process that we’d like you to follow from now on is outlined in the following document:

Yup Bug Reporting Instructions


tutor.support@yup.com Report serious and/or time-sensitive issues
System Issues HipChat Room Report minor issues or discuss bugs with other tutors


1. If an issue significantly impairs or completely hinders your ability to claim sessions or communicate with students:

Immediately email tutor.support@yup.com.

Instructions on what to include in your email can be found in the link above. Examples of these issues include not being able to press the “claim session” button or not being able to see the student’s messages.

2. If you run into a system error that does not significantly impair your actual tutoring:

Report the issue(s) via the “System Issues” HipChat room.

You may also continue to use this HipChat room to discuss system issues with fellow tutors, who may be experiencing the same issues as you and may have advice on dealing with them. An example of this is your passed session count increasing without an incoming session notification.

If you have any questions about this new procedure, please email tutor.support@yup.com and someone from the Operations Team will get back to you.

TUTOR SURVEY: New Tutor Dashboard Features

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— Team Yup

New Video: Pushing Information


Recently, we have introduced a number of features and policies that place greater importance on pushing information to stuck students. So far, however, we haven’t provided much concrete advice about doing so!

With this in mind, we have added a brand new video quiz to our “Adapting to Students” series on PlayPosit. To watch the video, simply login to your PlayPosit.com account. (If you have not received PlayPosit credentials, email aaron@yup.com.)

In the previous video, “Adapting to Student Knowledge”(as mentioned in a recent News Feed post), we briefly discuss teaching in a way that will increase the likelihood of your students answering your guiding questions correctly. The newest video greatly expands on this, describing actionable guidelines on multiple ways of pushing information.

Addressing users’ top concerns (explanation clarity and teaching speed, currently) and continuously improving our ability to do so is utterly crucial to Yup’s success. For that reason, we’re making these two video quizzes mandatory and attaching a bonus for completion:

– Complete both video quizzes before January 1st to earn two hours of bonus pay

– Failure to complete these mandatory training exercises before the above deadline will result in a penalty of 1 strike

We hope you find the video helpful, and if you have any questions or concerns about it, please email tyler@yup.com.

— Team Yup

Adapting to Student Knowledge


A few weeks ago, we invited a number of randomly selected Yup tutors to watch a PlayPosit training video entitled ‘Adapting to Student Knowledge’. The video outlines general strategies for using guiding questions to move sessions forward quickly while aligning with students’ abilities. 

We found that after being asked to review this video, not only did the selected tutors demonstrate higher gap bridged percentages, but students left less “confusing explanation” feedback and more “fast teaching” feedback on the tutors’ sessions.

If you haven’t already done so, please log in to PlayPosit, watch the video, and answer the interactive quiz questions. The video is less than 6 minutes long and, at the end of the video, you’ll have the chance to leave feedback; please let us know about anything you found either confusing or helpful. We hope you find it informative!

If you have not yet received your PlayPosit credentials or need help logging in, please email aaron@yup.com.

— Team Yup


Tutor Dashboard + Math Typing Tool

Tutor Dashboard Update

This week, Yup’s Engineering Team pushed out a number of fixes to improve Tutor Dashboard performance. One change you may notice is the Tutor Dashboard auto-refreshing every 5 minutes. This is totally normal and will ensure our systems are in sync and running smoothly.

Another change that was made this week was the addition of an inaudible sound which plays silently during the waiting period between sessions. This feature will prevent Chrome from deprioritizing the Tutor Dashboard tab when it’s in the background, solving notification issues some tutors were seeing.

Please take a moment to complete the survey at the bottom of this post so we can continue to improve these features and address any issues you may be experiencing with them.

Math Typing Resources

Missing the math typing function from Whiteboard 1.0? The following websites make writing Latex equations simple and allow you to instantly convert equations into images that can be dragged and dropped onto the whiteboard. Use the Whiteboard 2.0 Practice Link to try them out.

‘Online Latex Equation Editor’
(Hint: Increase the font size to make your equations more reader-friendly.)

‘TeX Equation Editor’
(Hint: Increase the ‘height’ size to make your equations more reader-friendly.)


— Team Yup

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UPDATE: Bot Questions + Auto-Scroll

New Bot Questions

Thanks in large part to your insightful feedback, we’ve released a new set of Yup Bot questions!

In your Review State,* you’ll now see the three questions below (and their answers) in the following order:

1. “Have you tried anything or gotten started?”

2. “Want to snap a photo of work you’ve done on this material?”

3. “Have you worked on this material or similar problems before?”

We removed the first and last question from the previous five, as they were the least helpful, and we also changed the order to give you the most helpful information first.

*When your student is using our iOS app (the Yup Bot is still not available for Android users)

Automatic Scrolling Removed from Review State

During your Review State, the chat window in the Tutor Dashboard will no longer automatically scroll down whenever a message is sent by the Yup Bot or the student.

Note: You will now have to manually scroll down if you want to see the student’s latest responses.

Keep up the great work!

— Team Yup