Outstanding Student Feedback + Daylight Savings

NEW: Outstanding Student Feedback Award

The school season is in full swing and the Yup Team has been seeing some fantastic positive feedback from students! Starting this week, we are launching the Outstanding Student Feedback Award to celebrate our tutors who make students’ Yup experiences awesome.

This award will be given to tutors who conduct sessions that elicit outstanding written feedback from students. The Yup team will recognize recipients in a newsfeed post along with a $75 bonus included in their next payment. To be eligible for this award you must also demonstrate outstanding overall performance including a strong composite score and overall student ratings – as such, earning it is a special and challenging achievement!

Our First Winner

Congratulations to Usharani PV for earning the Outstanding Student Feedback Award! Some of Usha’s exceptional student feedback comments include:

  • “Thank you so much, Ms. PV! 🙂 You’ve legitimately SAVED me on numerous occasions and always made me feel like I could freely ask you anything without judgment! You’re always willing to take multiple steps back to fill in knowledge gaps, and help me understand the concepts, rather than just giving me the answers. You’re so nice, and you’re honestly one of the many people who have influenced me to become a tutor (Algebra 1 and Physics) at my school! Thanks for EVERYTHING, and remember that you’ve certainly changed at least one student’s life! :)”
  • “You worked with me twice today, and I learned so much both times. You took so much time out of your day to help me, and I appreciate that. The concepts are definitely more clear and I’m so grateful for your assistance! Thanks again :)”
  • “Ms. Usha, thank you so much for the help today! You ensured that I understood the concepts, and when I didn’t understand them, you helped me. Despite my slow pace, you taught me step by step, and you even explicated the steps through an example problem. Thanks again for your time and help :)”

Way to go Usha! ⭐


On Sunday, November 4th we will be observing Daylight Savings in America. If you reside in an area that doesn’tobserve Daylight Saving Time, we will be reaching out via email in the coming days with important instructions about how this will affect your Yup shifts.

Have a great weekend!

— Team Yup

April QA Drawing + Detailed Session Feedback Form


Congratulations to our winner of the $250 QA Score bonus drawing for the month of April, Carina Seah!

Every month we will be drawing a winner at random to win this bonus prize – you can be entered up to 4 times per month for every week your composite score is greater than or equal to 9.0.


In our first webinar, a number of you mentioned the need for more detailed session feedback.  Based on this suggestion, we have developed the new Detailed Session Feedback Form! This form is very similar to submitting a session dispute – however with this form rather than disputing a grade, you are submitting sessions in order to get more detailed feedback on how you can improve.

Maybe there is a specific tag that you continue to be baffled by, a rubric standard for which you often lose points, or maybe there is a particular student that you can never seem to connect well with. Whatever the issue, simply submit the form and we will get back to you. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The discussion will revolve around the session you submit.
  • We can only accept 1 session per tutor per week due to time constraints.
  • This initiative is on a two week trial and, as such, we can only guarantee a response to the first 50 submissions.

Happy Tutoring!

— Team Yup

QA 3.0 Introduction

Introducing Quality Assurance System 3.0

After many hours of gathering tutor feedback, planning new policies, and tweaking our performance monitoring systems, we’re excited to introduce a number of significant changes to our Quality Assurance framework that will be taking effect today, April 2nd.

These changes do not affect our guidelines for conducting sessions, but rather will allow us to be fairer and more effective in holding tutors accountable for following those guidelines.

As of today, all relevant Tutor Documents from our Master Resource List have been updated to reflect the new policies. Check out the slideshow below to learn more about these changes!

[Open slideshow in new tab]

For your reference, here is the latest Yup Policy Breakdown,  now aligned with QA 3.0:

As mentioned in the QA 3.0 Changes slideshow above, we will be holding a Webinar on Thursday, April 19th to discuss any questions you may have about the new system. If you have any urgent or time-sensitive concerns about it, please email tutor.support@yup.com

— Team Yup

Create your own user feedback survey

Scheduling + SotW & Bonuses


Session traffic is reaching record numbers and we need your help to make sure students are being matched with tutors! If you are interested in adding more hours to your weekly schedule, don’t forget to fill out the ‘Add More Hours’ option on the Scheduling Matters form to tell us when you’re available.

Know someone who might be a good match for the Yup Tutor Team? Earn a $25 referral bonus for sending us a successful applicant and an additional $25 when they reach 40 hours as a tutor!


Congratulations to Session of the Week winner, Julie House! Awesome work using adapted guiding questions to push the student in the right direction.

Here’s what the student had to say about the session:

“Thank you, that was the last problem on my homework and if I got it wrong then I would be stuck with an ugly F. You saved my straight A’s. Positive attitude, Fast typing, Clear explanation.”

– Nathan in California

Nominate one of your own exceptional sessions via the submission form and you could win a $25 bonus!


Congratulations to the following tutors who achieved a Top Ten tutor ranking for two or more consecutive weeks, earning them a $25 performance bonuses. Great work!

– Adrian Chalabe ??
– Finka Bankovic ??
– Kevin McGann Osborne ?
– Manav Sharma ??

– Mehrnaz Siavoshi ?
– Namburi M Krishna Varma ??
– Pralhad Mohan Shinde ?

– Sejal Kothari ?
– Steve Park ??

(? = Number of bonuses between 9/3 – 9/17)

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

Report Cards + SotW & Bonuses

Report Cards are up and running!

Now that we have completed several weeks under Rubric 3.0’s teaching standards, this session data is now available to you via your new Tutor Workbook’s Report Card page.

Use the “Week of:” drop down menu at the top right of the page to select a Report Card week to view.

Seeing a blank Report Card when you open your workbook? Following the above instructions for selecting a week from the drop-down menu will encourage your session data to load. Check out our Tutor Workbook Guide or email us at tutor.support@yup.com for more information.


Congratulations to Session of the Week winner, Kevin Osbourne! Nice work using guiding questions to encourage the student to play an active role in the session, Kevin!

Nominate one of your own exceptional sessions via the submission form and you could win a $25 bonus!


Congratulations to the following tutors who achieved a Top Ten tutor ranking for two or more consecutive weeks, earning them a $25 performance bonuses. Great work!

– Partha Sarathi Reddy Kamireddy
– Helen Herring
– Vaughan Leslie
– Sekhar Reddy K
– Rowena-Renee Xymines

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup