UPSCR Grading and Student Feedback Policy Updates

As promised, we have fleshed out our plans for grading policy changes over near- and long-term. Here are the upcoming changes:

Immediate Policy Updates

Remove the student feedback channel

  • Tracking students individually is a manual and unscalable task
  • The channel has shifted away from its purpose of providing tips on how to work with students and towards understandable, but ultimately unproductive, venting; we would like Yup tutors to enter each session on a “blank slate” with students
  • As we move to school focus, we will explore other forms of feedback
  • You are still welcome to message Henry/Sharon individually about major concerns with student behavior

Continue removing scores from misaligned students

  • As in June, we intend to remove scores from misaligned students based on internal investigation for July; this has the most impact without undue manual/engineering work

Near Term Policy Updates

Formalize TQM ability to nullify a session

  • We will be changing the first question from “Did the tutor ask instructional questions?” to “Was student engagement reasonably within the tutor’s control?” at the start of each session feedback; TQMs may select “No” and nullify the session
  • TQMs will undergo training and norming process to ensure grading is fair; however, we will continue to not allow disputes

Long Term Policy Updates

Engineering to add nulls by strand feature

  • In the coming months, we will introduce a feature to allow TQMs to score certain strands and not others based on student engagement

Yup Resource Spotlight

We’ve had a number of requests regarding how we onboard teachers and students and introduce UPSCR. We’ll be releasing materials weekly so that you can see how your hard work is translated in the classroom!

For week one, check out our Pitch Deck: what we go through with schools during introductory calls!


And finally, the Yup HQ team will be taking some hard earned vacation!

  • Henry: 7/20-7/24 (shift auditing may be delayed, no newsfeed post)
  • Sharon: 7/27-7/31
  • Kreg: 7/23-7/24