New UPSCR Grading Update

In a recent Slack post, the Yup Academics team asked tutors for input on making sure our grading system fairly and effectively judges tutor performance in a session. 

As a result of this input, as well as evaluation of sessions with misaligned students, we’re excited to announce a few changes to how we’ll grade.

Long Term

We are pursuing the solution recommended by many tutors of introducing nulls to scoring when a student stops engaging. We anticipate this may take ~1 month to implement due to the number of steps involved:

  • Engineering updates
  • Tutor scores tracking system updates
  • Tutor workbook updates
  • TQMs training for consistency in applying nulls

Short Term

We want to ensure that tutors are fairly judged for their performance this past month in a way that is sustainable for the Academics team to implement. As such, we have decided that at the end of the month, Academics will do the following:

  • Review sessions of the lowest scoring students 
  • Review sessions of the most disengaged students
  • Create a list of students who have not followed UPSCR and remove their scores

We will release this list in the beginning of July for transparency.

Please let us know if you have any questions by reaching out to and Happy Tutoring!