Confirming UPSCR Rollout And Special Q&A

Hi Yup Tutors. We hope you’re excited for the Summer period!

Update on the UPSCR Rollout Process

June 1: 4/1 – 5/31 TGP metrics confirmed, TGP levels updated for Summer; UPSCR grading officially goes into effect

June 5: May payroll distributed

June 8: New UPSCR tutor workbooks rolled out with June data

UPSCR Cutoffs

Please see below for the new UPSCR cutoffs. This reflects current tutor performance. We anticipate scores rising as tutors become more comfortable with UPSCR and students become more aligned with the process. We’ll review this policy and update cutoffs as needed.


Level Description All Sessions Cycle Score
5 Quality Manager 500 7.5
4 Master Yup Tutor 300 6.5
3 Distinguished Yup Tutor 100 5.0
2 Yup Tutor 25 3.0
1 New Yup Tutor 0 N/A

Monthly Bonus

Tier Description Graded Sessions Monthly Score
2 Exemplary 15 TQM: 8.0

Non-TQM: 7.5

1 Strong 10 TQM: 7.5

Non-TQM: 6.5

Announcing Q&A With Director of Academics Kreg Moccia

We’re excited to announce an open Q&A with Kreg, our Director of Academics! Please use this link both to submit questions and upvote ones you find interesting from today until June 1. Kreg will respond as quickly as possible (we anticipate a response to ~1 question per day) in the Yup Chat channel in Tutor Slack.