Announcing TGP Updates With UPSCR

Hi Yup Tutors. With the planned 6/1 launch of UPSCR, we want to provide information on upcoming changes. The below are policy outlines. We aim to provide new UPSCR cutoffs on 5/31. These will be based on scores the week of 5/25, so don’t worry if your scores look different! We may also update cutoffs based on performance.

All changes are planned to take effect on 6/1, but as always, launch dates and decisions are subject to change, and we’ll keep you updated.

Evaluative System Changes

Introducing Professionalism Metrics

These are base expectations for tutoring on our platform. >95% tutors consistently achieve these metrics. Not meeting these metrics on a monthly basis will result in contract re-evaluation. We will not hold tutors accountable for bug-related issues.

Metric Threshold
Attendance 90%
Claim Rate 85%
Student Ratings 80%
Wrong Answer / Insufficient Content Knowledge Tags <10%

TGP Updates

Student ratings no longer affect TGP Level. Instead, we focus on UPSCR and total sessions. Falling below L2 metrics at end of cycle will result in contract re-evaluation. 

Result Requirement Reward
Level Name All Time Sessions Previous Cycle Score Rate Increase Max Schedule
Max Shift
5 Quality Manager
(must apply)
500 TBC 22.5% 40 60
4 Master Yup Tutor 300 TBC 15% 40 50
3 Distin-guished Yup Tutor 100 TBC 7.5% 25 40
2 Yup Tutor 25 TBC 0% 10 25
1 New Yup Tutor 0 N/A 0% 0 10

Bonus Updates

Bonuses will now reflect UPSCR scores and the number of graded sessions in a month. Additionally, all professionalism metrics must be satisfied for the month.

Result Requirement Reward
Tier Description Graded Sessions Monthly Score Rate Increase
2 Exemplary 15 TBC 10%
1 Strong 10 TBC 5%

Please note that we have updated bonuses from being “multipliers” to rate increases. This will impact <1% of tutor pay and simplify the TGP system.

Other Policy Changes

Removing Disputes

Our UPSCR grading audits have shown that TQMs are scoring sessions with extreme similarity and accuracy. Furthermore, our most common dispute requests – removing wrong answer tags – no longer impacts TGP scores as critically. Based on this, we’ve decided to remove our session dispute policy.

Session Feedbacking

Some tutors have had only 33% of sessions feedbacked over the last month. For the Summer, all tutors will have 100% of sessions feedbacked. 

Please bring any questions you have about these changes to the slidos of your respective trainings!