Learning Standards Soft Rollout

Hi tutors! We hope you’re well. Thanks for helping with another iteration of the TGP refresh!

Learning Standards Soft Rollout

Our mission at Yup is to empower every student to learn. As a result of tutor feedback and input from math learning experts, we are excited to announce that we’re revamping our pedagogy

What does this mean?

We’re updating our teaching standards and developed a series of trainings to explain how this impacts tutors. Our TQMs are already using this new framework and students are learning more than ever! 

When can I join the training?

We are offering trainings 3 times a week. All tutors are welcome. We ask for attendance for only 1 of these sessions per week.

  • Mondays 10 – 11 PM PDT (starting 4/20)
  • Wednesdays 8 – 9 AM PDT (starting 4/22)
  • Fridays 1 – 2 PM PDT (starting 4/24)

Are the trainings paid?

You will be paid for these trainings at your hourly rate + multi-subject bonus. 

Are trainings mandatory / what if I can’t make it?

Trainings are highly recommended to help you understand the new standards and train to implement them. This is effectively preparing you to succeed on our future evaluative rubric! If you cannot attend, you may watch the recordings afterwards and try the exercises on your own. Unfortunately, this unofficial training time would be unpaid.

What are my next steps?

Please fill out this survey  to let us know which training sessions you will attend so that we can send you more information! If you have any other questions, there will be time for Q&A in the trainings. 

As always, reach out to tutor.support@yup.com with any questions (except please hold pedagogy questions until the trainings). Happy tutoring!