TGP Survey Feedback and Winter Break Schedules

TGP Survey Feedback:

Thank you for all your responses to the Tutor Survey! It’s very important to us that we incorporate tutor feedback in our systems and processes. We hope to create an environment where you feel comfortable reaching out at any point with observations and suggestions!

We’re happy to announce that the overwhelming sentiment is that the TGP Refresh Process went smoothly. That said, we also heard back on a few new policies that will be areas of focus for improvement. These included the introduction of the Poor Communication tag, improvements to the whiteboard, and easier ways to see which hours are available. A few notes on how we’re responding to those points of concerns:


  • Clarifying Poor Communication Tag: While this tag does make a session eligible, it does not impact pedagogy scores. We’re continuing to align on this tag so that it accomplishes the goal of improving tutor communication without overly penalizing.
  • Whiteboard Improvements: We’ve moved up whiteboard UX/UI improvements on our product roadmap, but it will take some time to revamp. It is a fairly large engineering endeavor.
  • Hours Availability: We’ve introduced a Google Sheet tutors may use to list available hours in advance
  • Detailed breakdown of the survey can be found here. Enjoy!


Winter Break Schedules:

In anticipation of students going on break for the US winter holidays, we will be implementing a Winter Schedule that extends from December 20th to January 5th

Process: Yup Scheduling will manually reduce scheduled hours for each tutor, with the goal of reducing hours in a proportionate and fair manner.

  • Please email Yup Scheduling by end of day 12/10 if you need to remove specific hours from your holiday schedule (e.g., take vacation for two weeks).
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer special consideration for keeping hours – it would be unfair to all tutors to attempt to make special accommodations for individuals.
  • Keep in mind this is only 2 weeks – apologies if you feel your hours are not perfect!

Final winter schedules will be emailed to tutors on 12/13.

As always, please let us know at if there are any questions. Happy tutoring!