IMPORTANT: Chrome 75 Update

Tutors, please avoid updating to Chrome 75 if you can at all avoid it as it is not compatible with the current build of the Tutor Dashboard.

  • Please note that going to check which version of Chrome you currently have will prompt the update to download unless you previously disabled auto-update.
  • If you have already updated to the newest version of Chrome and are facing issues in-shift that prevent you from effectively teaching, please send a Report Bug report, end your shift and email to let us know.
    • This will not be held against you but it’s important that you document the bug so we can address these issues. 
  • Our engineers are working on addressing the issue now, but in the meantime here is an article that explains a few different ways to disable auto-updates for both Windows and Mac:
  • Feel free to post questions in the #announcements thread on Slack and we’ll keep you posted in the coming days on when it is safe to manually update to Chrome 75 without issues on the Tutor Dashboard.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

— Team Yup