New: Emotive Reactions + Content Card Reminder


A recent analysis of student feedback revealed that slow teaching pace and confusing explanation represent the majority of complaints received from students.  In-session student behavior analyses have also indicated that many students are hesitant to share what they did and did not understand with tutors – this no doubt makes it tricky for us to adapt to their needs!

In order to address the above concerns, we have developed a new feature that provides students with a low-friction tool for expressing understanding of tutor messages. Introducing: Emotive Responses!

Student View

This feature allows student to indicate if they understand (👌 as “I understand”) or are confused (🤔 as “I’m confused”) on specific tutor messages.

When they add a reaction to one of your messages on their app, it will instantly appear on the message in your Tutor Dashboard. Hovering over the reaction will reveal the timestamp so you’ll know exactly when it was added by the student (see below):

Tutor view of “I’m confused”
Tutor view of “I understand”

When you see a student add a reaction, do your best to use this information to adapt your teaching approach. For example, if a student indicates understanding of something you say, consider adjusting your pace or approach accordingly. Alternatively, if they are confused by part of your explanation, it would be best to take a step back to make sure they are up to speed with that aspect of their concept before moving on.


A recent analysis of Content Card usage by tutors revealed what are slightly underwhelming usage numbers. This is a friendly reminder to utilize this session-enhancing feature whenever appropriate,  or to share ideas for improving this feature via the New Ideas room on slack if you have feedback for making it more useful!

See our Content Card intro post from late last year for a quick refresher.


Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup