Updated Canned Responses


As some of you may have noticed, our collection of canned responses, available below the chat bar in Tutor Chat, have been updated to accommodate to an even wider range of common student situations.

Along with changes to the response messages, you may notice changes in the labeling, appearance and order of these buttons. Any feedback on these changes would be appreciated!

As a refresher, canned responses are a handy way to:

  • Speed up the session introductions
  • React quickly when students answer questions or take steps on their own
  • Deal with cheating, poor engagement or inappropriate behavior

A few tips for making the best use of canned responses:

  • You can modify these responses before sending by editing them within the chat box
  • You can cycle through different versions of the same message by continuously clicking that canned response button
  • Please refrain from re-using canned responses multiple times in a session as it may seem robotic to the student

Have any feedback, suggestions or concerns about canned responses? Please don’t hesitate to contact tutor.support@yup.com!

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup