Dispute Policy Updates

New Policies for Submitting Disputes

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Starting this month, we will be enforcing changes to the Session Dispute policy that will hopefully help the Ops Team manage what is a large volume of incoming dispute requests received on a weekly basis.

While we do understand the importance of the Dispute channel, we want to make sure it is only being used when absolutely necessary:


  1. Tutors can submit a maximum of 3 disputes per month
  2. For disputes related to rubric standards:
      • Sessions that earned a score of 8 or higher cannot be disputed
      • Tag disputes are limited to key tags (Gave Answer, Wrong Answer, Content Knowledge)

It is our hope that these changes will help curtail the number of disputes being regularly filed. That being said, if you ever have concerns about a session, the dispute process, or about any other Tutor Operations matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at tutor.support@yup.com. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

American Forth of July Holiday

If anyone (American or otherwise!) is hoping to take time off on Wednesday, July 4th please email scheduling@yup.com or use the Scheduling form so we can adjust your schedule accordingly (48-hour notice not necessary.)

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup