Upcoming Gave Answer Experiment

Ops Experiment with GAVE ANSWER Policy

Image result for icon flat experimentAs part of our efforts to incorporate more tutor feedback into our evolution as a company, we will be conducting a test with the Gave Answer tag. Next week, we’ll begin a two-week experiment that will help us understand how this tag affects teaching and student experience.

For sessions created between Monday, 7/2 @ 12AM PDT through Monday, 7/16 @ 12AM PDT, earning the Gave Answer tag will not result in any QA penalties.

During this two-week period, even though Tutor Quality Managers will still apply the Gave Answer tag as usual, instances of this tag will not count toward any weekly Tutor Fault Tag limits, nor will the tag result in a Rubric Score of 0.

We encourage you to use this time period to experiment with your teaching habits, free from the worry of receiving a Gave Answer tag when you push information to struggling students.

That being said, although there are no Gave Answer Tag penalties during this period, we trust that you will continue to exercise good judgement in providing students with support and continue to teach with our rubric and values in mind.

If you have any questions about this change or the timeline for it, feel free to email tutor.support@yup.com.

— Team Yup