May QA Drawing + CotW #8

UPDATE: The login change has been pushed back and will likely be happening early next week (Week of June 11th.) If you haven’t already reached out to and your phone number has changed since registering, please do so as soon as possible.


Congratulations to our winner of the $250 QA Score bonus drawing for the month of May, Kevin Lloyd Esguerra!

Every month we will be drawing a winner at random to win this bonus prize – you can be entered up to 4 times per month for every week your composite score is greater than or equal to 9.0.


Comment of the Week? More like Comment of Year! Although the student forgot to tag the session with any positive tags, their comment makes it clear why this week, Carina Seah takes the prize!

The best tutor I have ever had. She really worked with me and explained the topic in many different ways in order for me to really understand. She also didn’t make me stressed about anything as she told me everything in the simplest way and she helped me learn so many different things in such a short amount of time. Thank you for the amazing help, not even my teacher would have explained it this good.”

Although this week’s session is a bit longer, we encourage you to read it and see how simply this tutor explained a trickier Chemistry concept!

Comment of the Week #8    

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Have a great weekend, tutors!

— Team Yup