MathEd in the News + CotW #5

SUGGESTED READ – MathEd in the News

The following article examines the evolution of mathematics education in American classrooms and curriculum as emphasis has shifted away from memorizing facts and towards understanding underlying concepts and processes:

“This is where successful math education starts; with adults who know what questions to ask and who have the skills to help children discover their own solutions.”

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“This is why it’s so hard to help with your kid’s math homework” (Jessica Lahey, Washington Post)


Congratulations to Comment of the Week winner, Steve Park! For this session, 4 out of 5 positive feedback tags were applied by the student, who left the following comment:

“Thanks for helping me study for my test tomorrow. I feel a lot more confident :)”

Please read through the session and annotations to see why this session helped the student feel better about finding the vertex.

Comment of the Week #5      

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