QA 3.0 Introduction

Introducing Quality Assurance System 3.0

After many hours of gathering tutor feedback, planning new policies, and tweaking our performance monitoring systems, we’re excited to introduce a number of significant changes to our Quality Assurance framework that will be taking effect today, April 2nd.

These changes do not affect our guidelines for conducting sessions, but rather will allow us to be fairer and more effective in holding tutors accountable for following those guidelines.

As of today, all relevant Tutor Documents from our Master Resource List have been updated to reflect the new policies. Check out the slideshow below to learn more about these changes!

[Open slideshow in new tab]

For your reference, here is the latest Yup Policy Breakdown,  now aligned with QA 3.0:

As mentioned in the QA 3.0 Changes slideshow above, we will be holding a Webinar on Thursday, April 19th to discuss any questions you may have about the new system. If you have any urgent or time-sensitive concerns about it, please email

— Team Yup

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