New Key Tag Policies

Key Tags for Quality Assurance

A few months ago, we introduced a policy that places tutors who receive 5 or more Key Tags in a given week under review for contract termination. (As a reminder, key tags include Gave Answer, Wrong Answer or Insufficient Content Knowledge.)

Because our tutors complete varying numbers of sessions each week, we will be updating this policy to reflect the percentage of sessions that receive key tags rather than a set number.

Starting next week, meeting one or more of the following conditions for a given week will be grounds for contract termination: 

5% or more of sessions tagged as Gave Answer,
10% or more of sessions tagged as Wrong Answer,
10% or more of sessions tagged as Insufficient Content Knowledge,
20% or more of sessions tagged with any of the above key tags.

While we understand that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, it is unacceptable for a significant portion of your sessions to receive these key tags as they reflect poorly on our service.

Key Tags on New User Sessions

Starting next week, key tags applied to new user sessions will be given higher weight in our Quality Assurance system.

For services like ours, first impressions are everything! The chances of a user abandoning or canceling their subscription are highest in the early days of their time with Yup.

Starting next week, key tags applied to new user sessions will carry the weight of 1.5 tags. See the recent New User flag feature post for more information on how to identify when the student you are working with is a New User.

While new user sessions should be treated the same as any other session (we should be at our best with all users!), we do ask that you put extra care and attention into your interactions with new users. That being said, new users may not yet understand how Yup works; you may need to encourage more participation, push more information, and/or let the user know that their engagement and open communication will help you assist them.

Keep up the great work and email to let the Operations team know if you have any questions.

Note: if you have not watched the PlayPosit videos detailed in the previous post, please do so as soon as you get a chance!

— Team Yup

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