UPDATE: Bot Questions + Auto-Scroll

New Bot Questions

Thanks in large part to your insightful feedback, we’ve released a new set of Yup Bot questions!

In your Review State,* you’ll now see the three questions below (and their answers) in the following order:

1. “Have you tried anything or gotten started?”

2. “Want to snap a photo of work you’ve done on this material?”

3. “Have you worked on this material or similar problems before?”

We removed the first and last question from the previous five, as they were the least helpful, and we also changed the order to give you the most helpful information first.

*When your student is using our iOS app (the Yup Bot is still not available for Android users)

Automatic Scrolling Removed from Review State

During your Review State, the chat window in the Tutor Dashboard will no longer automatically scroll down whenever a message is sent by the Yup Bot or the student.

Note: You will now have to manually scroll down if you want to see the student’s latest responses.

Keep up the great work!

— Team Yup