Tutor Dashboard + Math Typing Tool

Tutor Dashboard Update

This week, Yup’s Engineering Team pushed out a number of fixes to improve Tutor Dashboard performance. One change you may notice is the Tutor Dashboard auto-refreshing every 5 minutes. This is totally normal and will ensure our systems are in sync and running smoothly.

Another change that was made this week was the addition of an inaudible sound which plays silently during the waiting period between sessions. This feature will prevent Chrome from deprioritizing the Tutor Dashboard tab when it’s in the background, solving notification issues some tutors were seeing.

Please take a moment to complete the survey at the bottom of this post so we can continue to improve these features and address any issues you may be experiencing with them.

Math Typing Resources

Missing the math typing function from Whiteboard 1.0? The following websites make writing Latex equations simple and allow you to instantly convert equations into images that can be dragged and dropped onto the whiteboard. Use the Whiteboard 2.0 Practice Link to try them out.

‘Online Latex Equation Editor’
(Hint: Increase the font size to make your equations more reader-friendly.)

‘TeX Equation Editor’
(Hint: Increase the ‘height’ size to make your equations more reader-friendly.)


— Team Yup

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