NEW FEATURE: Student Grade Level

Student’s Grade Level Now in Tutor Dashboard

Yesterday, we released a feature that collects each student’s grade level via the Yup Bot once per academic year. We then store the grade level for each student in our system and display it in the Tutor Dashboard for each of that student’s sessions.

Using the Students’ Grade Level

The table below summarizes how a few aspects of your sessions should depend on your student’s grade level. As your student’s grade increases, so should the size of your solution steps, the initial amount of participation you can expect, and the complexity of the terms you use.

Note: Review State Auto-Scroll To Be Removed This Week

Later this week, most likely tomorrow (Oct. 11) afternoon, we will remove the automatic scrolling feature from the Review State and improve the questions asked by the Bot.

These changes are the first couple of steps toward addressing your feedback from the pre-session message survey. Thank you to all those who filled it out!

If you have not done so already, please fill out the survey on Stars and Whiteboard 2.0 as well.

— Team Yup