Updated Definition for “Gave Answer” Tag

The Current ‘Gave Answer’ Tag

Currently, the “Gave Answer” tag applies when:

“Tutor directly gives away the answer to the student OR tutor arrives at the solution without involving the student in key steps.”

However, we’ve noticed that tutors are now afraid to push information or give steps to the student, fearing that they will earn a “Gave Answer” tag. On the other side, parents and students are complaining that some tutors are being too strict and not giving any or key information during the session. The tutors keep asking guiding questions when they should be providing hints to help the student learn.

As a result, students are frustrated and have lower confidence in their ability to solve the problem. While we are proud that tutors are not giving away answers, we are concerned that we are making our customers extremely unhappy. 

New Definition of ‘Gave Answer’ Tag

Moving forward we are loosening the definition of the “Gave Answer” tag and encouraging you to give more hints to the students. Providing hints to students is very important as it helps them improve understanding and speeds up the session. Now, a Gave Answer tag will apply when:

“Tutor directly gives away the answer to the student OR tutor fails to have the student participate in at least one step.”

A student is considered to have participated in the learning process if they:

+ submit a photo of their work

+ participate in an example

+ answer high level questions (why, how)

+ complete a CFU

+ solve a step

Moving forward, we hope that you will provide students with more hints to help them learn faster and have a smoother learning experience. We are excited to see you push more information and give more hints to students.

— Team Yup