New Eligibility Definition

Eligibility Refresher

When assessing your performance, the Yup QA system first determines whether the sessions you conducted are Eligible or Ineligible for consideration based on certain guidelines.

OLD Eligibility Definition Explained

With the introduction of Rubric 3.0, we brought out a new eligibility definition which considers all Gap Bridged sessions, plus any Explanation or Clarification sessions that ended with a Tutor Fault tag (for example, Gave Wrong Answer) to be eligible.

NEW Eligibility Definition Explained

Starting this week, we are updating the eligibility definition to include all Gap Bridged sessions plus any Explanation or Clarification sessions that have a Tutor Fault Tag OR that don’t have a Student/Other fault tag (for example, Student Had to Go or Cheating).

Explanation and Clarification sessions that have a Student Fault or Other Fault tag will be made ineligible when determining your Gap Bridged percentage. The only caveat here is that if a session has a Student Fault/Other tag AND a Tutor Fault tag, it will be considered eligible.

These tags should be thought of as a way to explain why a session did not reach Gap Bridged. This means every Gap Explanation and Gap Clarification session should have a fault tag of some sort (either Tutor Fault, Student Fault or No Fault/Other). Right now there are lots of Gap Explanation and Gap Clarification sessions with no tags. These sessions will be counted as eligible.

We will also be including your rubric scores for all graded sessions in your when determining your Pedagogy scores. Eligibility will only be considered when determining your % Bridged score.

Going Forward

Starting this week, tutor performance will be reported from the standpoint of this new eligibility definition. We will also retroactively implement this new eligibility definition for all weeks going back to when we first launched QA 2.0 in August. Do not worry if this change negatively affects your old rankings, we are not interested in punishing people for old rankings, we just want out records to be consistent.

Let us know what questions you have!

— Team Yup