Introducing Badges

Use the New Star Feature

We want to reward students for participating and being proactive during sessions. Thus, we’re introducing our latest feature, badges!

You will now have the option to give students a star to motivate and inspire them. The star icon will be available on your tutor dashboard. Once you click on the star button, you will have to confirm that you want to send it. After you click “yes”, a star will be sent to the student.

Feel free to give students one or multiple stars during your sessions. Here are some situations where we recommend that you send a star:

+ Student uploads their work

+ Student actively participates

+ Student asks insightful questions

+ Student does more than one question

After giving a star, please let the student know why you are giving them the star. For example, “Hey Allen, you’ve earned a star because you’ve been asking great questions in this session. Great work!”

Please do not abuse this feature by giving students too many stars.  

We will provide further directions around badges as we learn more from student reactions. We are excited to see you use this new feature to help students participate and learn!