Yup Tutor Community: Introduction

Welcome to the Yup Tutor Community page!

This exciting new feature gives you instant access to the latest announcements, along with interactive polls, interesting articles and mini-training activities, all from your Tutor Dashboard.

Because this page will be used to share important information with you, it will be your responsibility to check for any new announcements at the start of each shift.

We also ask that you to use your down-time between sessions to read suggested articles, complete surveys, participate in activities and join in discussions. Most posts will feature a comment section, where you can share your thoughts or ask questions using your Facebook ID (don’t worry– these comments will be featured only on our page and will not show up on your Facebook!)

When you first start your shift, this window will display all our posts in order from newest to oldest. Any especially important posts will be featured at the very top. To filter posts by a specific category, use the links to the left to choose the type of posts you’d like to view.

Want to view this information when you’re not waiting to connect with a student? Bookmark the page’s link and access the blog anytime.

Happy tutoring!

— Team Yup

What are you thoughts or questions do you have about this new feature? Share them below using your Facebook ID!